preemptive in a sentence

Example sentences for preemptive

This token action is little more than preemptive damage control.
It seems I've been preemptive in my bid for immortality.
Obviously such systems are responsive and not preemptive, like this proposed system.
Both are already making preemptive efforts at spin.
Each of the measures assumes the user's guilt and attempts to create a preemptive solution.
There was no preemptive mechanism in place, it was a wait and see attitude.
So we made a preemptive offer and put together the dream campaign.
The justification for lunar hegemony is preemptive.
We just hope our funky gym bag doesn't trigger a preemptive meltdown.
Governments will do well to study this problem carefully and take preemptive measures before things get dangerously out of hand.
Together, they could launch preemptive online strikes to head off real-world battles.
When preemptive nuclear war is upheld as self defense.
One of the central issues here is in what cases a preemptive war is justified.
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