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Example sentences for predominate

If they dream of looking up at a building or climbing stairs, vertical eye movement is more likely to predominate.
Anywhere that beaches predominate is likely to be too hot.
Big companies predominate and smaller entrepreneurs with a solid plan can thrive.
It may be that the voice market will be stillborn, and more discreet data communications will predominate.
Folkloric evocations or historical narratives tend to predominate.
On heavier loads, the induction features predominate.
Where a steady flow of new shows was once the rule, revivals now predominate.
Two themes predominate: economic rationality and social injustice.
Unfortunately, those latter types of argument are what predominate in the climate skeptic world.
Thus, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will ultimately predominate.
The gray encaustic paintings seemed to me to allow the literal qualities of the painting to predominate over any of the others.
There are indeed paintings that would be called modernistic, futuristic and even unintelligible, but they do not predominate.
Negative feelings predominate: anxiety and anger together are about twice as common as elation.
The small size and predominate sensitive wetlands restrict use.

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