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And, of course, government contractors are predominantly clustered near the seat of government.
Sloth bears feed predominantly on termites and ants and employ a well-evolved method to dig them out.
The orientation of the dunes suggests the wind must come predominantly from the northwest.
People think of you predominantly as an actor, but you've done a lot of other things.
Candidates are expected to teach finance predominantly at the undergraduate level.
The burrowing owl, predominantly a dry forest and desert species, is one of the few types of birds to live underground.
That's why it's not being use a predominantly anymore.
When humans were predominantly hunters, dogs were of great use, and thus were domesticated long before cats.
Spring's new hosiery shades are predominantly light in tone.
Ability to work independently and problem solve in a predominantly self-directed manner.
Games are addictive and predominantly full of violence.
Power is still predominantly in the hands of white middle-aged-to-elderly males.
So if the subject is predominantly dark, experiment by overexposing to compensate.
For one, respondents of all races predominantly pointed the darkest doll as a likely employee in a fast-food restaurant.
They were predominantly human viruses that acquired some genes from an avian source.
Their question was what future financing system could replace the predominantly state line-item system.
News-media outlets chimed in by framing dire urban problems as somehow predominantly a threat to suburbanites.
Curfews must be enforced equally in predominantly white and predominantly minority neighborhoods.
But this is the first time that the producers have attempted a predominantly foreign-language episode.
His staff are predominantly former business managers rather than financiers.
Media is the only economic sector that historically has achieved growth predominantly through mergers and acquisitions.
The houses' windows follow the proportions of eighty to a hundred years ago--predominantly tall and narrow.
Proposals for infrastructure investment would still predominantly come from state and local governments.
Rawls' formulation implies that individuals are predominantly risk averse.
Locally-reared meat and fish make the occasional appearance in a predominantly vegetarian menu.
And the structure itself would be built using predominantly recycled materials.

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