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Spanish is the predominant language here.
That makes loans the predominant form of financial aid.
Bobbin lace is the predominant type of lace made on Brazil's northeastern coast.
The predominant view holds that a group of tarsierlike creatures known as the omomyiforms spawned the anthropoids.
It is still the predominant method of law teaching.
Swine flu is the predominant flu type circulating currently, with nine states reporting widespread cases, down from 10 a week ago.
Where taxpayers' dollars are the predominant injection of cash, cost control takes a back seat.
The most predominant issue is the population control.
The zeal for liberty became predominant and excessive.
Under any circumstances, math and reading scores will always remain predominant.
She thinks it might be related to the kind of flora that's predominant in the country.
It seems to me that the predominant feeling in the country is that with this word there deserves to be a cultural ownership.
Instead the modern age has belonged to material progress and its predominant source has been science.
On the other hand, in the past it was the predominant payment structure for insurance plans.
The award of honours in exchange for donations to royal causes made the monarchy the predominant fount of charity.
Allow me to add a cultural perspective to the predominant economic view of migration.
Wind noise is practically non-existent, with no predominant source of sound, even from the side mirrors.
Any tablet-maker that deviates from the predominant hardware profile risks ostracizing itself in an already overcrowded market.
But the predominant direction of spread seems to have been the other way.
As an object gets hotter, the predominant light it gives off gets higher energy.
And if that view becomes predominant in the society, then that doesn't make it right.
The coffee berry borer is one of the predominant coffee pests in the region.
The latter were often so predominant in ragtime that entire melody lines might be constructed out of repeated syncopated figures.

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