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Example sentences for predisposed

Some may be predisposed to want to support or undermine a particular candidate.
The researchers suggest that she could have been genetically predisposed to heart problems.
But some people are more predisposed to it than others, he said.
Doctors were predisposed to use the test for several reasons.
Certain alleles could have predisposed people to a tonal-language structure.
The only ones who know the literature in detail, are those who are already convinced, or predisposed to being convinced.
To ensure the long-term survival of our species, we're genetically predisposed to be attracted to symmetrical faces.
Rarely fatal, it can be debilitating to those predisposed.
In the purge cycle, people are predisposed not to buy.
It travelled on into areas less predisposed to the formation of stars.
Scientists have found the genetic makeup of the tribe leaves it predisposed to weight gain from sugary foods.
Horgan to understand how different reality is for people who are predisposed to become obese.
There are certain people who are predisposed to one way or another.
More than half of those with the disorder are genetically predisposed to it.
Human beings are not genetically predisposed to preferring one type of weather or another.
The test was intended to determine whether employees were predisposed to developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
From such evidence, it would not seem that he was predisposed to composing sacred works.
Certain people are predisposed to the condition, or it can be brought on by caffeine, stress or exercise.
Especially if you've got the right partner and an audience predisposed to cherish every move you make.
In other words, if this lady develops an obsession she does so because she was predisposed to it by reason of her heredity.
Jobs that are footloose are economically predisposed, in my opinion, to wage depression.
The technique of brain imaging is turning in a toy for scientists that are predisposed to make would- be science.
Eugene later claimed that he believed this act of comfort predisposed him to spirits and in some way led to his alcoholism.
My goal is to try to explain my own thinking to an audience that is not predisposed to agree.
It wasn't that the vaccine killed her per se, but rather that she was genetically predisposed to respond adversely to the vaccine.
It affects how many kids are predisposed toward scientific careers.

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