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Genes that predispose people to depression, though, also influence their risk of experiencing negative environmental events.
Certain genetic disorders predispose people to respiratory infections.
The results indicate that the cellular changes could predispose the prostate to disease in adulthood.
It should be a major goal of science to understand the genes that predispose us to do one thing as opposed to another.
Maybe getting cold and damp does not predispose people to catch a cold.
However, if your genes predispose you to asthma or obesity, eradication may be unwise.
Scientists know that small variations in certain genes can predispose people to cancers or heart disease.
We will live according to what our own specific genetic risks predispose us toward.
Antidepressants help with strokes, but surveys also show them to predispose to stroke.
We have already identified genes which predispose for many diseases.
She noted that it is possible that there are several different genes that predispose to the illness in various families.
But researchers do have a growing knowledge of some of the factors that predispose people to heat illness.
While some of this might be due to shared smoking, some evidence suggests there are certain genes that predispose to lung cancer.
Bong lung: regular smokers of cannabis show relatively distinctive histologic changes that predispose to pneumothorax.
The tiny variations that do exist are what make people unique, define their appearance and predispose them to disease.
Any memory that will predispose you to view the brand in a more positive light than its alternatives is a plus.
Such disorders can predispose an individual to encephalopathy, which can be triggered by a fever.
Wire vt: to predispose, determine, or establish genetically or innately.
Sporadic somatic mutations in a variety of genes can predispose a tell to become cancerous.
Some studies suggest that eating meat may predispose us to cancer.

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