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Example sentences for predilection

Self-conscious tourists may elect not to linger long at certain displays that could betray a particular predilection.
The objectification was tied to a predilection for violence.
Psychologists and neuroscientists have recently become fascinated by the human predilection for storytelling.
The aristocracy are marked by their predilection for country-life.
There is no doubt which colors she prefers, or about her own predilection for the map-maker's role.
For these reasons and because of her own predilection for exile, the narrator has never fully assimilated anywhere.
He has also cast a few aspersions at my predilection for low-yield interest rates.
There was a time in British journalism when there was a predilection toward suppression of news in certain circumstances.
Among Harvard music majors, he said, his predilection for jazz marked him as a black sheep.
Such an effect, it is proposed, might also account for the human predilection for truffles.
But it is almost impossible not to feel a predilection for that which suits our particular turn and disposition.
And to some degree, our culture s predilection for self control can be challenged.
In both cases, the more partisan the participant, the more pronounced the respective predilection.
Here the president shows his predilection for drawing figures with three faces.
Most religious people aren't hucksters, though they're easy prey for fraud, given their predilection for irrational belief.

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