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Midsummer and the living is easy, though a little predictable yet another afternoon at the pool.
Reaction abroad to reports of an agreement broke along predictable lines.
They will answer questions both predictable and idiosyncratic.
And unlike wind energy, dependent on inconsistent gusts, this technology is as predictable as the tides.
Note that as the flow rate is increased, the system becomes less predictable.
They can do so because solar eclipses are now completely and easily predictable.
Planting between pavers usually calls for predictable groundcovers such as creeping herbs, mosses, or reseeding annuals.
There's a predictable narrative to a lot of discoveries in molecular biology.
The mixture may be slightly unexpected, but it still manages to be predictable all the way.
But the second and third marks might not be so predictable.
The millennium computer bug is totally predictable in its timing, but completely unpredictable in its effects.
Our minds have evolved to handle these predictable bits of information with ease.
Most supermarkets organize their wines in a way that is predictable.
She loved it, but as a touch-typist she kept resting her fingers on the home keys, with predictable results.
It's one thing to forget the past, with predictable consequences, as the favorite aphorism goes.
Most campuses have predictable environments and students learn to do predictable things and act in predictable ways.
Or maybe depressing because these were predictable outcomes.
Whale sharks are known to gather in certain tropical locations at predictable times of the year.
If there is anything that is predictable about planetary science it is the unpredictability.
Tubers are the only predictable way to grow the same variety from a parent plant.
With the revival of newsboy caps and asymmetrical bobs, it was predictable that the one-earring look wouldn't be far behind.
The response from fraternity leaders to those events is predictable.
The result is a smoother ride that carries through a range of terrain with predictable consistency.
Curves can often make a space more interesting and a little less predictable.
Your readers should be able to count on getting new content from you at fairly predictable times.
There is, however, a predictable bleak side to it all.
Given such limitations, the outcomes are predictable.
Try to use this system with blackjack or roulette and see what's predictable.
These varieties are more predictable and uniform in growth and fruit quality.
The university suggests regular and predictable availability, such as online office hours or regular online chats.
Demand for industrial salt is steady and predictable.
Pickens hopes to start with a somewhat cheaper, smaller infrastructure for vehicles that are driven on predictable routes.
The effects of climate change, they say, are unlikely to be gradual or predictable.
Colleges have been using swap contracts to reduce their borrowing costs and keep their debt costs predictable.
Global warming is making the snowfall less predictable.
The results are also much more predictable than those obtained by natural settling.
Corporations converted health care from a profession to an industry, with the predictable results.
Most of the manifestations of climate change that the world will be talking about next year are not predictable.
Most mining settlements followed a predictable pattern.
If the course of evolution is predictable in anything, it should be predictable in these creatures.
There's nothing more predictable than the unreliability of predictions.
The wide variation in payments has caused a predictable outcry.
Much depends on how predictable a company's profits can ever be.
There have been predictable objections to the plan, on these practical grounds and others.
But the reconfiguration of brain-work will also make life far less cosy and predictable for the next generation of graduates.
The drone against foreign companies has reached a predictable pitch.
With that verdict, the pious waves of outrage are as misguided as the verdict was predictable.
The speech was followed by predictable sword-play between the parties.
Not surprisingly, their top five are pretty predictable.
The dawn of each new day, predictable as it may seem, holds potential for surprise.
And they follow a predictable sequence: the unopened box, the opened box, unpacking the mouse.
But the returns can be handsome and, with a broad enough portfolio, fairly predictable.
Have the people who practice with you ask you both predictable and off-the-wall questions.
Neither approach is right or wrong, but both have predictable consequences.
Go ahead with your oh-so predictable negative energy.
Something grimmer, less productive and less predictable has taken its place.
Affected muscle groups degenerate in a fairly predictable sequence across individuals.
The trouble with digital photography is that it is so damned predictable.
Your puppy has started to mellow a little bit and has become far more predictable in her playtime routines.
Some of the patterns produced are, indeed, predictable from the existing laws of mechanics.
Predictable results have followed: traffic jams that stretch for kilometers, sprawling suburbia and rising fuel prices.
Her self-destruction was too predictable to be tragic, and her career too short.
Silicon transistors tend to be homogenous, and therefore predictable in their behaviour.
These animals are certainly beautiful and their power is awe inspiring, but they are predators and are not predictable.
One of the biggest challenges is how to make vaccines in a predictable way.
The army then returned, with predictable consequences.
Climate change is not a perfectly linear or predictable science.
The major patterns of evolution are not predictable.
They are quiet and predictable-fixed cats are not a howling nuisance and there is no fighting.
Simple, perhaps, but it has aroused predictable-and often fatal-opposition from the educational establishment.
She went along with this, and this was predictable too.
Chaos, in the mathematical sense, is not unpredictability: chaotic systems can behave in a predictable and reproducible way.
Try not to be predictable, especially predictably jocular.
The government reacted to this suggestion with predictable outrage.
It would be simpler and more predictable than the current jumble of tax breaks, trading schemes and purchasing obligations.
The remit leaves little room for manoeuvre and the conclusions are wearily predictable.
But the libraries' collections are not altogether predictable.
The album was noisy but not obscure, used melody without being predictable, and was weirdly confident.
Post did the predictable thing: it reined in expenses and cut back on advertising.
The conventional, predictable story arc of the movie is its weakest artistic link-and also its firmest commercial underpinning.
The opinions of this customs collector so far had been as predictable as his waistcoat buttons, if less interesting.
Mostly, celebrity warps the criminal process, and not always in a predictable direction.
It made him feel foolish to be so predictable, so reproducible.
Some of the crises were predictable from the outset of the post-Communist era.
What happened was a predictable outcome of known deficiencies in the type of nuclear equipment installed there.
Though he was a scientist by training, there was nothing rigid or predictable or orderly about him.
The drama is far from over and its course is far from predictable.
Life has few enough of these moments-the rest of it being involved so completely in the predictable and the obligated.
In general, politicians' sports allegiances are as predictable as their attire, with the home team almost always getting the nod.
The more predictable punch lines were rated as funnier.
Radio stations, relying heavily on market research, launched new programming that grew ever more predictable and bland.
She was glad that no one could hear these predictable phrases and clich├ęs.
The film has already set off a predictable firestorm.
But if there's one thing that's predictable about influenza, it is that it is going to behave in a not-predictable manner.
As you can see, the process is not easily predictable, and it is subject to the influence of the personalities of those involved.
Over the final years of his life, my father ambushed me with other, less predictable insights as well.
The development, relatively predictable, was that some tensions eased.
College admissions is pretty straightforward, but grad school admissions is far less predictable, with much tougher odds.
Obviously you are exposing his flawed reasoning, so he will ignore you as is his predictable practice.
It is to make research inquiry, which by its nature is a journey into the unknown, more predictable and perhaps less dangerous.
The result is predictable-demand for better-prepared workers goes up.
What started out as alternative has become pretty predictable.
In the summer months daily sunshine is quite predictable.
Evolution isn't predictable, and randomness is key in determining how things change.
And in order to be predictable, they must be somewhat consistent.
And hence my comment about deterministic not being the same as predictable.
But even in uncertain times, some things are as predictable as winter.
It is too dangerous to be predictable, and whenever he shuts his eyes, the nation drifts.
The perpetual migration between prison and a few predictable neighborhoods is not only costly-it also destabilizes community life.
For a blind patient still learning to use a cane, that first tile would give more-predictable feedback.
In fact, it is predictable that the wrong things will then be cut--the things that perform and should be strengthened.
Dividends are fairly predictable, whereas changes in price are not, so one calculation of value focuses on the current dividend.
The outcome, entirely predictable, is a rapidly growing population.
Their growth in consumption was modest and predictable.
Such biases are a predictable consequence of the brain's genetic evolution.
The results were predictable for a country that had been created out of several rival political communities.
In some foreclosure situations, homelessness is almost certainly predictable.
But the prospect of genetic therapies to come has created predictable warnings and unresolved, ethical and political debates.
Natural disasters do not unfold according to a predictable order.
Public diplomacy is not a scientific or predictable process.
Procrastination works fine-in a world where the future is perfectly predictable.
Many events in biology are considered straightforward, with one reaction begetting another in a linear, predictable way.
The exact levels of radiation vary depending on the severity of solar activity, which falls into a number of predictable cycles.
The negative impact of these myths is predictable and yet distressingly persistent.
The name for this idea is reductionism-the belief that the whole can be understood by the predictable behavior of the parts.
Maybe computers can take off in a different direction, with a different intelligence that is more predictable and more peaceful.
Because as some have pointed out, leadership isn't really predictable.
These algorithms often give predictable and regular results.
Astronomers had thought that the orbits of the planets were predictable.
He has learned that salmon populations increased and decreased through the centuries, in complex but predictable cycles.
Predictable touch doesn't elicit the laughter and squirming of tickling-it's unpredictable touch that does the trick.
Stable species live in unchanging, predictable environments.
These climate changes are cyclical in nature, and are somewhat predictable as well.
Also as you correctly cited, the predictable story line.
The coupling itself is totally deterministic and totally predictable.
The result, in retrospect, seems entirely predictable.
Chaos at a micro scale but startlingly stable and predictable at the macro level.
Perhaps design vehicles which can be maintained and inspected for predictable failures before loss of life.
Their behavior is not always rational but it is still predictable.
It's mindless entertainment, the show is so cliched and predictable that it would be foolish to even treat it as a sci-fi show.
The predictable result was a consumer spending spree.
The results range from transcendent to downright intolerable, sometimes within the same song, but they are never predictable.
The magazine's photography has become truly interchangeable and predictable.
The danger is that eccentricity will become standardized, predictable: something to be labeled and bottled.
However, it is not a regular cycle, or predictable in the sense that ocean tides are.
The stability that came with regular, predictable food production led to increased population density.
However, once the turbines are in place, tidal energy is predictable and stable.
The ties that bind are not always predictable-especially in nature.
He found that supernovae and comets were not significant, as they were not predictable.
While familiarity with the reef community makes a lot of the diving predictable, it never gets boring.
New research suggests that such bacterial evolution occurs even faster, and in a more predictable fashion, than anyone thought.
And it offers a big advantage over wind and other renewables: a precisely predictable source of energy.
Numerous studies show that stock market prices are not random and this implies that they ought to be predictable.
Nevertheless, humans are fairly predictable animals.
For instance, if a car is moving down a street, the pixels that compose it will all be moving in a predictable way.
Predictable and stable industries resist new entrants.
Other factors, again fairly predictable ones, are price and comfort.
The fact is that these issues were completely and totally predictable, and are being predicted as major threats now.
Painted onto a ceramic surface, electrons move through such composites at a predictable rate.
Unless a newspaper or magazine has a deep-pocketed patron, it must turn a real and predictable profit.
My household is calm and predictable yet she still has serious anxiety attacks that can last for hours on end.
Few artists have an understanding of the predictable behavior of the substances they choose to employ.
Crook doesn't talk much, and makes his predictable decisions on his own.
Most doctors are unaware that their thinking is prone to predictable mistakes.
Greenlanders get asked some fairly predictable questions when they're out and about in the world.
Of course, final results in plastic surgery are not absolutely predictable.
But his solutions are anything but orthodox or predictable.
At one table, a paper-napkin breadbasket liner and lit candle meet, with predictable results.

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