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For years geologists have been trying to figure out how to predict these often-catastrophic events.
It should help firemen to predict the behaviour of wildfires a few hours in advance.
It is difficult to predict how the anger and frustration will express itself.
In fact, some seismologists think we should stop trying to predict them altogether, likening the attempt to alchemy.
According to the magazine, they were silly enough to think you can look at the past to predict the future.
We did actually predict this, and even wore nice socks.
Any futurist can righteously predict that in 20 years people will be twenty years older.
The charts showed certain patterns that made it possible to predict a majority of hits.
There's nothing better for sharpening your ability to predict outcomes than living through some period when things went wrong.
How well do computer climate models predict the behavior of clouds?
Satellite data is the only way to predict storms.
By measuring the relative amount of activity in each brain region, the scientists could predict the subjects' shopping decisions.
We aren't talking about using probability to predict the outcome of events.
They steal the money for improvements, and predict that reform will raise the tax-rate.
But trying to predict how the new fence would affect the vast zebra herds that rely on that expanse of parkland was no easy task.
If this is correct, they predict, then the pattern of evolutionary change should not have a straightforward direction.
Anyone can predict the fall of a city and over a long enough period of time be right.
No one can predict with certainty when the dome will rise again.
The rest is spent on basic research on understanding earthquakes and looking for ways to predict them.
One way or the other, continued globalization remains high on the list of what scholars predict the future will bring.
And he adds that it's impossible to predict whom the system will work for.
That's a good start toward re-examining whether these tests actually can predict a student's success in college.
There's still no way to predict whether you'll live to be a hundred-but scientists are getting closer.
The belief that animals can predict earthquakes has been around for centuries.
Until now this discrepancy has shed doubt on researchers' ability to predict future global warming.
It could help them better predict when these deadly storms will strike.
Based on their findings, the researchers predict that another huge quake and devastating tsunami could be coming soon.
Despite major advances in technology in the last two decades, the ability to predict when a volcano might erupt remains elusive.
But other scientists say that not enough is known about these faults to predict how often such quakes might strike.
It could help them predict when tornadoes will strike.
Unlike thirty years ago, however, earthquake scientists today have a few more tools at their fingertips to help predict temblors.
But scientists cannot predict the extent of the disruptions.
Equipped with this data, the team then plugged in the climate change models, which all predict various decreases in rainfall.
These movements may help scientists better predict eruptions.
But on the phone, no one can predict when it's their turn, and people cut each other off or pause too long.
Panelists predict the winner of the final presidential debate.
Nor is that of using the results to predict their behaviour.
They are also linked in both being the sort of events climate scientists predict more of in a warming world.
We may not posses a perfect understanding of a constantly changing economy or predict the future.
Scientists have made several attempts to calculate, and by extension predict, how fast humans can go.
But an inability to predict the cloud's behaviour made matters worse.
But the discipline's failure to predict the financial crisis has made the ground especially fertile for a rethink.
No one can say for sure so it is, in my opinion, pointless to try to predict what will happen.
Also it was not the job of academic economists to predict the crisis.
It is an appropriate interest for someone whose job it is to predict and react to the market's mercurial movements.
It reflects a trend for using the web to predict economic indicators before official figures are released.
And even if it were easy to short houses, no one can predict the timing well enough to get it perfectly right.
We forget about unpredictability when it is our turn to predict, and overestimate our own knowledge.
Now that they have proof they are trying to develop a theory that can both predict and conform to physical laws.
Explanations become true science only when they predict outcomes.
Trying to predict what will happen in the next year is difficult enough at the best of times.
He goes on to predict, though, that we'll be eating lots more veggies than meat in our meals of the future.
Finally, having worked out what factors make an article successful, they used this to predict how popular other articles would be.
Current computer models that predict behavior are complex and sometimes miss patterns that are simple for humans to see.
Based on about three weeks of data, the software learns to predict daily behavior patterns, such as which bus a user takes.
With location data added in, the phone could predict when you would be near someone in your network.
Based on the properties of a given surface and a given liquid, the models can predict the contact angle between them.
Testing for a genetic variation could predict the likelihood that a patient will respond well to certain statins.
Their idea is to use the structure of the network to predict the likelihood that a given player will become a cheat in future.
Others went so far as to predict an end to the business cycle.
When you've never heard a song before but you can correctly predict the next lyric, a little piece of your soul dies.
Many social scientists predict that the next big wars will be over water.
It's impossible to predict how something will be received.
There are substantial political hurdles to be overcome before anyone will predict long-term stability.
No one was able to predict whether these pages would be published.
My interpretation of financial markets based on reflexivity can explain events better than it can predict them.
Science fiction cannot predict, nor can any fiction, the variables being too many.
So therefore you can't predict human affairs in the same way as you can natural phenomena.
Yet she never pretends in her letters in that year to be able to predict, explain, or control events.

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