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Great palmist can accurately predicate the future of man.
No one can predicate our longevity.It is better ignorant about our progenitor than knowing and making himself miserable.
In the predicate relation the pronouns respond to a more complex regulation.
Of course, prevailing cosmological theory could be wrong, but this piece is careful to declare that as a predicate.
We'd have to spend a lot of time setting the predicate to be able to answer that question.
In other words, seeing others as more like oneself is a kind of predicate for behavior that is considerate and inclusive.
Zipcar's predicate is that sharing is to ownership what the iPod is to the eight-track, what the solar panel is to the coal mine.
No, you were right, because "feel" in this usage is a linking verb and therefore needs the predicate adjective.
Afraid is almost always a predicate adjective.
It cannot serve the ends of free government to weaken its predicate.
Ultimately, what is formally interesting-about these fictions is the relationship they predicate between reader and text.
Logic as per first order predicate calculus is known to be consistent and complete.
If you are talking about pure predicate logic, it lacks in power to express infinity.
Simply put, the met office can predicate weather two month from now no better than historical data.
It falls neither within the predicate of nonbeing nor of being.
Alleged were seventeen predicate acts creating a pattern of racketeering activity.

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