predesignate in a sentence

Example sentences for predesignate

If you elect to predesignate a personal physician, that physician must sign the form as welL.
It is not possible to publicly predesignate these buildings as they may not be deemed safe following a disaster.
Employees must waive the right to predesignate or change to a treating physician not participating in the designated health plan.
Cities and towns are encouraged to plan for and predesignate shoreline environments for their unincorporated urban growth areas.
The guidebook describes the right to predesignate your personal physician in case of job injury.
The notification shall inform the employee of the right to predesignate a personal physician.
Unless the agreement restricts your choices, you may predesignate a physician.
But he may have predesignated-and it would be a requirement in effect that he predesignate someone to act by proxy.
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