preconceived in a sentence

Example sentences for preconceived

The idea is an attempt to remove uncomfortable facts in the way of a preconceived view.
They categorize and mythologize it and read into it their own preconceived ideas.
The wearer of such pieces challenges preconceived notions.
But there are signs that he did not always avoid cutting the cloth to fit his preconceived patterns.
The bank would have no preconceived, overarching plan for the nation's infrastructure.
Try the sites that don't necessarily agree with your preconceived ideas.
It takes many preconceived ideas to buy into that premise.
Reading this article may threaten preconceived beliefs.
Some of them trotted off to count the ribs and came back to report that they had verified their preconceived notion.
Humans can't help having their preconceived beliefs take precedence over the facts.
They do it because it satisfies their preconceived notions while not being scientifically valid and/or rigorous.
It's time to adjust our preconceived notions for how-and where-poor people live.
The predictions sometimes challenge our preconceived intuitions about games.
But by and large, preconceived frameworks tended to get in the way.
It challenged my preconceived notions of divorce rates.
They can cause us to twist facts so they fit better with our preconceived notions.
Each revolution is special and shuns all preconceived schemes.
Creative and positive ways to address stigma, ageism, and preconceived views of aging.
Such robots carried out preconceived actions with no ability to react to unforeseen features of the environment or task.
Please dispel any preconceived notion you might have about a third airport.
Learners enter a learning situation with a preconceived notion of what teaching style is best for them.

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