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However much fun they are having, the kids are affected by this precocious professionalism of theirs.
As a precocious and retiring 4-year-old, the author tells us, she began reading anything she could lay her hands on.
It sounds to me that the whale was pushed out of the pod for being precocious.
Ralph was docile, and had a precocious sagacity for keeping out of trouble.
Maybe they'll be precocious know-it-alls.
Yet her mocking manner and precocious beauty made her a natural for it.
The result is a fast-moving, escapist tale that pinches the dirty cheek of the precocious fifth grader in all of us.
The daughter is precocious and loud with no boundaries.
When young researchers are afraid to challenge their professors, precocious insights are sometimes lost.
Precocious youngsters with a taste for laboratory notebooks spend years building experiments to compete for college scholarships.
Precocious second- or third-graders may be interested, as may fifth- or even sixth-graders with a retro sensibility.
One after another, these precocious invertebrates display what were supposed to be special traits of advanced vertebrates.
The precocious wizards, he declared, were in fact skilled amateur magicians.
Thus he becomes the flying elephant, the precocious pachyderm, and finally ascends to triumph over all the other elephants.

Famous quotes containing the word precocious

I've noticed that the children of other nations always seem precocious. That's because the strange manners ... more
School success is not predicted by a child's fund of facts or a precocious ability to read as much as by em... more
What might be taken for a precocious genius is the genius of childhood. When the child grows up, it disappe... more
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