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As a result, both sides have become locked into mindsets that preclude a satisfactory peace treaty.
This does not preclude single acts of altruism across species.
That is, a more restricted river course would preclude frequent avulsions and construction of the distributive dispersal pattern.
The exception are stores in Massachusetts where local laws preclude holiday hours.
What we celebrate, in other words, is that seeming puniness does not preclude genuine puissance.
The real world does not preclude intellectual engagement.
You can't preclude all problems just by increasing the number of regulations.
Security may preclude some of these pleasures.
The only common automotive system that might preclude an easy recovery from mechanical faliure is the braking system.
The test, as proposed by the researchers, appears to me to preclude the inclusion of computers.
But the harsh waters inhabited by lesser flamingos preclude much fish life.
The favor of princes does not preclude the existence of merit, and yet does not prove that it exists.
It proscribes singularity, but it does not preclude change, provided all change together.
In addition, his guilt does not preclude an almost total self-involvement.
In the theater, his work is sufficiently well known and admired to preclude that.
Younger patients have fewer additional medical problems that preclude aggressive, high-risk procedures.
Budgetary and political realities at the federal level will preclude reversing course anytime soon.
The language in the flyer and the description of the event preclude our participation.
Self-government does not preclude majority rule so long as the rights of a minority are not put at risk.
They want to make sure that the bill does not preclude kids from expressing their disdain of gays.
His repeatedly-displayed lack of self control would be more than sufficient to preclude him from doing so.
It wouldn't seem to preclude other pro-active strategies, by publishers themselves.
If you insist on a rubric, you effectively preclude an instructor from considering that in her grading.
And discipline-specific influences on salary don't preclude gender-related inequities.
Woods' woes shouldn't preclude more wins, docs say.
Paralysis doesn't preclude action for policewoman turned teacher.
Although it would not preclude him from becoming a long jumper.
Such killings usually escape scrutiny-and controversy-because they preclude any chance of surrender.
The depth, causes and how to preclude another similar downturn will be examined and reviewed for many years.
Being a rational actor doesn't preclude irrational desires.
Rather it should preclude a nation from that honor as a council promoting peace and good government.
Safety considerations, which preclude pilots working too many consecutive hours, impose other costs.
Neither does backing away now preclude the possibility of a military intervention in the future.
But, that doesn't preclude using tones on sounds where it is not seen before to create new words.
If so, that would seem to preclude thoroughgoing commitments to war or peace or grand causes.
Maybe you should not preclude that reforms are in vain before actually trying.
Even eradicating the genes that promote it wouldn't preclude new mutants entering the population.
Commodity backed currency does not preclude the possibility of too easy credit or a herd mentality.
Individualism does not preclude the need for a government.
Cleaning your gutters now and then is the best environmental option and may preclude any need for replacement.
The new mechanism doesn't necessarily preclude other pathways that have been linked to ageing, such as the build-up of toxins.
Evidence that the moon's interior is dry does not preclude the moon's surface from having trace water.
Because climate has changed in the past does preclude humans being the cause now.
Besides, the description of the damaged areas would pretty much preclude this type of injury.
There's far more justification for applications that preclude personal liberties than any need for individual annihilation.
Simply because a vehicle produces less noise, the fact shouldn't preclude the prerequisite for an attentive driver.
In my experience, the level of someone's intelligence did not preclude them to one view or the other.
Having a powerful, efficient brain does not preclude inaccurate thinking.
The rapid motions, distances and other factors involved preclude instantaneous measurements.
It does not in any way preclude collaboration and all kinds of societal involvement.
First, global warming does not preclude localized areas of cooler than normal weather.
The currently lack of such secular system of belief does not preclude the possibility of its being developed in the future.
But, this stance doesn't preclude animals having souls.
However, individuals from each end will not be able to interbreed, because the variation is significant enough to preclude it.
It may be easier for them to form in space, where conditions may have been better, but that doesn't preclude them forming here.
It's scientific if one doesn't preclude findings based on personal beliefs, but rather permits the data to speak for itself.
By your logic, the existence of counterfeit dollar bills would virtually preclude the existence of real greenbacks.
The sensitive nature of the information involved and the sources used to obtain it as a rule preclude public release.
The shadow of violence doesn't preclude suggestions of intimacy.
But the ontological subjectivity of the domain of consciousness does not preclude an objective science of that domain.
The epistemic objectivity of method does not preclude ontological subjectivity of subject matter.
But even if everybody's suddenly talking, the formal preconditions set by the two main players preclude any serious negotiations.
But there are other voices making themselves heard in ways that preclude an easy retreat.
Hospice care, when it was introduced, was not meant to preclude medical care.

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