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The brain is so easily tricked, they say, precisely because it has spent a lifetime in its own body.
Precisely what the sailors had actually seen, though, was up for debate.
Align it precisely with the center of the opening and carefully slide it straight down into place.
Each morning, it finds your check-ins from precisely one year earlier and emails you a summary.
Android appeals to precisely the sort of frustrated, anti-establishment people who have no trouble writing abusive notes.
Another, however, sees precisely how ugly a moment this is.
But that-with one hand tied behind their back-is precisely how democracies ought to fight terrorism.
But precisely what animals sense, if they feel anything at all, is a mystery.
Precisely how the insects find their way to this refuge has long eluded biologists.
These are precisely the same characteristics that sound so wrong in old time music.
All over its surface are precisely spaced protein points.
Furthermore, the best approach for fighting poverty is often precisely not to make fighting poverty the highest priority.
It is precisely that federal obligation to protect human.
Precisely because the drugs market is illegal, it cannot be regulated.
Logic suggests that having options allows people to select precisely what makes them happiest.
The history of aviation does precisely what it should in this expanse: it takes wing.
In an essential step toward programming cells as precisely as computers, synthetic biologists have finally learned to count.
And it is full of people who seem to be running almost precisely in the reverse gear.
Today, they benefit from a specific privilege that is dedicated precisely to them.
But keeping them in near-perfect formation so that their beams mesh precisely would add to the technology challenges.
After a six-month voyage, it landed precisely on target and began performing nearly flawlessly.
Some researchers have focused on designing precisely engineered materials that can trap light to harness its quantum properties.
These languages are precisely meant to be human readable.
The first job, of course, was to locate these tumours precisely.
Each settlement is organized around a central plaza and linked to others via precisely placed roads.
Thus, an entire population of neurons can be manipulated by precisely timed stabs of light.
The burden of this melancholy book is precisely the opposite.
It is precisely this cohort whose fingerprints are all over the great debacles of the past decade.
Because the growing freakiness of weather is precisely his point.
Antiquities from the distant past are difficult to date precisely.
The whole thing happened precisely as the brother told it, and the doctor provided the key-closed head injury.
Or perhaps the majority defended the reference desk's future precisely because of the evidence they heard.
But precisely measuring this connection via gene studies has been tricky.
And yet scientists have long debated precisely how it improves brain performance at the cellular level.
Precisely seventeen seconds later, their rolls were reversed.
Market perceptions of risk were falling at precisely the time risk in the system was building.
Precisely why these cool mice live longer remains unclear, investigators say.
In contrast to the precisely controlled experiments described above, a typical driver does not operate under ideal conditions.
He is on precisely the opposite path as almost everybody else in this world.
It is precisely my respect for the scientific process that makes me skeptical of claims for human impact in global warming.
As far as the energy in it is concerned, that is precisely true.
Precisely how this transpired has been the subject of vigorous debate for centuries.
But in any case this is precisely the kind of argument that can't be won by speaking louder than one's opponents.
Yet the beauty of these stories is precisely in their reserve: they are mild and stark at the same time.
It does, in short, precisely what a city bus is supposed to do-make it feasible for people to get around without a car.
However, he conveniently ignores that moral acceptance of heart transplant procedures arose precisely because of such debates.
One of the important things when going abroad is precisely to display your vulnerability.
Answer the question as precisely as possible and then stop.
Because of the delay, the results of this precisely tallied election are still uncertain.
Thus metaphysics can be precisely modelled by, and related to, physics.
But often that additional preparation is precisely the thing that brings you new energy and excitement.
Those moments are memorable precisely because they give students a glimpse of us as people-as opposed to professional educators.
The bundling of risky loans into complex securities was attractive for many firms precisely because they had low capital charges.
Yet this may be precisely because strikes are less intolerable now for those who try to get to work.
The problem is that ion channels are not precisely controllable.
All of these factors will add up to precisely squat effect on initial sales.
Every cover letter should state precisely and persuasively why the applicant is seeking the job.
The technique builds up each frame of the movie from thousands of individual shots taken at precisely defined times.
It was precisely their dilemma that prompted a new mentality: secular, transnational, utterly individualistic.
The talks were meant precisely to produce such practical steps.
In fact, you would be forgiven for thinking precisely the opposite.
They do not know what they do, but precisely this is ignorance.
The robot precisely controls where and how many pictures your camera takes, allowing it to systematically capture an entire scene.
The result will not be an enhancement of wheat genetics but precisely the opposite.
First and foremost, they do not reveal precisely when these geologic disruptions occurred.
Slow motion enables viewers to see precisely where a play succeeds or fails.
When people talked about civilization-or civility, as they usually called it-they seldom specified precisely what they meant.
What this precisely means it is not easy to determine.
They mean precisely what is not clear, but what is an emotional stimulus.
Write the name and address on the envelope as precisely and as legibly as you can.
But unpoetical natures are precisely those which require poetic cultivation.
The action of levers in all their various modifications is precisely similar.
It behaved precisely as though it were rubbing against the ankles of some one who remained invisible.
No one knows precisely how many people live in isolation from the industrial-technological world.
It shows precisely where doctors tried to remove the cancerous tumor gnawing at his esophagus.
If they were a wild species, you would say their density was good and they follow the graze precisely.
Coyote can imagine the fish trap precisely because he's been a fish himself, as it were.
More precisely, a thin wall of brain tissue that separates a hole-all brains have these spaces-into two.
The great rethinking of these categories that has been taking place is, in part, fostered by precisely this impossibility.
But manners and conventions are precisely about solving that sort of problem.
Pretending to be a medical expert is possible precisely because medical knowledge is so specialized and opaque.
The result is precisely what the project's original proponents hoped for, and that its opponents feared.
But precisely what the mix should be is increasingly contentious-and could prove expensive.
That, however, is precisely what western clothing manufacturers are doing.
On the other hand, sheltered industries know precisely how much they stand to lose if left bare and unaccommodated.
Deciding precisely when to tighten is tricky, however.
The ash contains minerals such as zircon that can be dated precisely from the radioactive decay of some of their components.
First, a precisely crafted layer of aluminium has to be created.
It saves the tongue the work of moving backwards quickly and precisely.
Such a small change in stratospheric water vapour can have such a large effect precisely because the stratosphere is already dry.
He argues that increased inequality-more precisely, the political response to it-helped to cause the financial crisis.
Though precisely engineered, the bolt is not especially complex, technically speaking.
And that is precisely why he's now saving the world.
The work of two scientists who worked independently was announced at precisely the same date and place, in a joint paper.
Your hipster messenger bag holds all your precious gear-and that is precisely the problem.
Perhaps this dichotomy is precisely what makes puzzles so appealing.
That's precisely the kind stuff you want to show off, while retaining the ability to make it go poof.
When times get tough, that's precisely the time you want your employees treating customers well.
Rescuers asked for total silence as they inserted an ultrasound device into the wreckage to precisely locate her.
The professor said that was precisely why it was so great.
Understanding precisely how well you sleep could well be an eye-opener.
Three-dimensional computer images tell engineers precisely where pipes should go.
Colors not only enable us to see the world more precisely, they also create emergent qualities that would not exist without them.
Backup generators are installed precisely for such occasions.
The robot also has a gyroscope that uses a laser to precisely measure changes in its orientation.
Precisely how these genes interact to provide the full constellation of colors, such as hazel and gray, is as yet unknown.
Precisely how these areas work together to modulate speech perception remains unclear, however.
In this case, humanity will get precisely what it has been asking for.
More precisely, animals are different species if there is no possibility of their genes being mixed in future generations.
In fact, people are encouraged to drink water precisely because some dangerously develop lower water addiction.
Precisely the same necessity arises in the daily-occurring cases of incorrigibly mischievous human beings.
Unfortunately, these are precisely the strategies that media companies pursued aggressively during the past lackluster decade.
Impatience with real-world dating, in fact, is precisely what drives many singles to the fast-paced digital meat market.
It's precisely the lack of lag between the birds' movements that make the flocks so astonishing.
Which is precisely why she begged me never to forget her, to remember that she had existed.
At the party, there was a rigid program of events scheduled precisely and painstakingly down to the minute.
Some people were especially frightened of radiation's effects precisely because these were invisible.
The first is that precisely because they are vulnerable, they go to prodigious lengths to protect themselves.
Precisely how many cases have occurred is not known.
The parodies have proliferated precisely because the footage they're based on is already unintentionally ridiculous.
Nor is it precisely a theatricalization of the novel: there are no bobbed hairdos, cigarette holders, or flapper gowns.
Conscious learning becomes unconscious knowledge, and you cannot say precisely how.
But words themselves are at the heart of the novel: they are precisely chosen, and used sparingly.
Yet it is precisely as theatre, as vivid human storytelling, that these productions have faltered.
But, of course, the direction of the trends is precisely why urgent steps are needed.
Living organisms are too complex to be explained by any natural-or, more precisely, by any mindless-process.
But it is precisely what all the new reform plans will ban.
After the sub-prime-mortgage market collapsed, that was precisely what they faced.
Researchers also noticed precisely cut triangular gear teeth of different sizes.
When he stopped talking, after precisely twenty minutes, an aura of satisfaction suffused the room.
It is precisely the way the legislative process should not work.
She always spoke precisely and clearly, but now it is without notes.
New technology makes it possible to alter plant genes precisely and efficiently.
New tools are allowing neuroscientists to precisely control neurons.
It could, for example, move large payloads and precisely position scientific experiments.
The report also precisely defines the scientific uncertainties concerning the extent, impacts, and timing of global warming.
He is developing a tool that could help researchers figure out precisely where a program has gone wrong after a crash occurs.
And it offers a big advantage over wind and other renewables: a precisely predictable source of energy.
The light of the laser grips the bead with a precisely constant tension as the cell is stretched.
But that is precisely why she likes to perform experiments.
First the alumina on the substrate is precisely patterned using lithography and then etching is performed using chemicals.
There used to be a site that explained somewhat precisely how to build a nuclear device.
Each sphere has a thin superconducting coating which allows its spin and any changes to it to be measured precisely.
What is described here has nothing to do with bettering humanity, precisely the opposite.
Everything you really need will be delivered to your doorstep at precisely the right moment.
The manual shifter moves precisely through the gears, and its throws are short.
Which books they had in mind is not precisely clear except for this: they are not likely to be textbooks.
Perhaps it is precisely the absence of visible history that looks distinctive.
And despite this, or maybe precisely because of it, music is the best means of escape from the problems of human existence.
But even as they express dramatic character, the rhymes precisely disintegrate character.
In my view, this is precisely the wrong conclusion to draw.
He seems made to be precisely here-in the midst of these thousands of sun-drenched cheering people.
Society is powerful precisely because its unwritten laws weigh upon us heavily enough to be palpable.
But it was precisely his concern for these more important things that made him fiddle so frantically.
Precisely as the need for state surveillance grew, the needed supervision shrank.
Strokes can result in newfound talents precisely because they turn off the inhibitory mechanisms in the brain.
Preliminary impressions suggest that the danger exists everywhere, even though it cannot be pinned down precisely, field by field.
To many others, however, that was precisely her attraction.
Yet despite its clear necessity and lots of investigation, scientists still don't know precisely what sleep is for.
But that's precisely the experience members of this group were looking for.
When every day is a holiday--or more precisely, part of the holiday season--none really are.
Because walking affects you in so many ways at once, it can be difficult to determine precisely why it's good for you.

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