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All of those things are valued for their taste, and are precious because of it.
In addition, they will have to be cheaper: requiring the precious metal platinum would make them expensive.
We took a look at three of our favorite bag makers to see which model was best for porting precious payloads across campus.
Townships plagued by flooding could gain precious time to make preparations.
As in many areas of the West, water is precious ― a limited commodity.
Luckily, portable hard drives have begun to take the mind-numbing tedium out of copying your precious files.
The precious is the best and can let us feel noble whose desire lurks in our heart.
Despite being misnamed, it remains a precious holiday ingredient.
In a small business, every dollar is precious, so spend your funds wisely.
In fact, there seem never to have been any precious metals at the site.
Not only are the tigers precious beautiful animals, but a link in the chain that we cannot afford to lose.
This quick recipe for piquant brussels will save precious time this Thanksgiving, without sacrificing on taste.
Most of the value of a coin derived from the amount of precious metal in it.
Otherwise, if your time is precious because you are on a tenure track, forget it.
These cold waters produce precious little moisture needed on the mainland.
Spend the precious time explaining your uses and strengths.
There's been precious little of that so far in this discussion.
But digestion uses oxygen, a precious commodity for an animal holding its breath.
His expansive collection of precious everyday objects includes a jewel encrusted baseball and a sapphire-studded mailbox.
These memories recall the era when a printed book was a precious thing.
He says that government policy usually has precious little to do with whether the market rises or falls.
These techniques maximize efficient use of our precious available resources, ensuring the sustainability of our planet.
Not to mention a precious character wasted for each space between words.
Addresses for urns within a columbarium-it was almost too precious.
Fed up with the bureaucracy, he simply instructed his staff to take them out, adding precious workspace.
Each moment in history is a fleeting time, precious and unique.
For motoring, space is precious, and clothes should be chosen with the object of packing into small dimensions.
He spoke in the name of something sacred and precious-the observance of a magnificent form.
During the precious centuries the aristocracy suffered from political dissensions.
We couldn't ask for a more precious and natural expression.
Funneled through secretive networks, these precious gems can carry a huge cost in human suffering.
As a result, precious little evidence remains of seahorse evolution.
Archaeologists have since found their bones, as well as the jewelry and other precious objects they wore in their final hours.
Replacing smaller teeth takes up less precious body energy.
Their fauna and flora are precious for their own sake but can also aid humans.
Water will become even more precious-and reservoirs, which lose vast amounts through evaporation, will seem intolerably wasteful.
The precious one percent that remains must be used wisely.
Industrial animal farming depletes and squanders precious natural resources, and pollutes what remains.
He brought precious gifts, which he used to pry from them forbidden knowledge.
Water is a precious commodity, however, in a region with limited supply and growing demand.
The bodies, accompanied by ceremonial garments and precious ornaments, fit easily.
The goal was to acquire these precious metals as expeditiously as possible.
These precious rocks occasionally contain impurities trapped inside during formation billions of years ago.
Potable water is not such a precious resource at the current time anyway.
We knew the imperative was to keep oil off the precious shoreline.
Cleaning the panels conventionally uses precious water.
Thus, altruistic individuals can prosper, despite the disadvantage of expending precious resources to produce the polymer.
It seems there should be many more beneficial uses for these apparently precious telescope and astronomer resources.
Who will give away such a precious blue-green algae also known as green gold.
No matter what the source of energy, consumption on this scale will be consuming precious resources.
They're deniers because to admit the truth, that our precious consumer lifestyle is a sick farce is too painful for them.
Several layers of a waxy substance coat their exoskeleton, and trap the precious water.
We can't take that precious time away from people who have work, home life.
The question is whether taxpayer dollars should be used to subsidize the destruction of precious human life.
The practice wastes a precious fuel and pumps methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere.
In commercial cells, the dyes are made of the precious metal ruthenium.
Your hipster messenger bag holds all your precious gear-and that is precisely the problem.
They prey on our fears, consume precious resources and may discourage us from pursuing real solutions.
Any work-around to avoid the paywall would still cost me precious minutes.
There have been precious few people in the world, over the entire history of computing, who have been able to do it reliably.
It takes mediocre snaps, that will make fun party pictures, but it's not exactly built for precious memories.
The carriers had become accustomed to treating their networks as precious resources, and handsets as worthless commodities.
The words she croaks in her thatch-roofed, mud-brick farmhouse are precious.
Yet for all the gloomy fascination that surrounds ageing, precious little research has been done into its causes.
Everything to be seen and heard becomes precious and surprising.
All of which makes remittances to developing countries more precious, and questions about their resilience more pressing.
The worthiness of the liberated was as precious to him as liberation.
In any of these situations, the western parent would have to step in with precious capital and liquidity.
However, in spite of its significant impact, precious little is known about how loneliness moves through communities.
Even in arid market economies where every drop is precious, the price of water seldom reflects scarcity.
For countries in demographic transition, the fall to replacement fertility is a unique and precious opportunity.
Precious metals can't be both safe havens and speculative plays.
But in the meantime, oil is both useful and precious.
Not only are such pictures rightly considered too precious to travel, many of them are also simply too big to move.
As more people stream video to their mobile devices, wireless bandwidth is becoming an increasingly precious commodity.
Precious oxygen begins to hiss into the void of space.
To prevent sharing of the precious heated goods, no patient was allowed more than a one-month supply.
For the parents, every scrap of film is equally precious.
There's precious little to be gained by examining the current boogeyman of weapons.
Only a precious few would make it through this harsh selection process.
Now that the full genome is out, it seems to offer precious few clues.
The precious greenhouse gases are already breaking down.
But because your time is precious, you thought it better spend on another long-winded and irrelevant tangent.
One of the biggest mistakes of the year was to equate precious metal stock funds with gold investing.
Because booths are typically anchored to a wall on one side, this leaves more precious floor space available.
It's an incredibly precious and delicate thing, and it has to be preserved.
As compressed nitrogen blew fuel from a drum into his tank, the precious seconds ticked away.
That's another thing, when you talk about the environment and how precious it is: it makes us better people.
There's precious little experimentation in education.
Information for the public about precious metals fraud.
Report employees involved with secondhand precious metals object or pawn transaction.
It also provides that municipalities may promulgate ordinances or regulations which govern the sale of precious metals.

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