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Getting more voting machines into crowded inner-city precincts will help a lot too.
It also helps prevent someone from voting in multiple precincts.
It asked itself what would happen if sin and conscience should invade these charming precincts.
Then it asked those police captains who had not spoken to show them where their precincts were, and why they had no trouble.
Commanders who displayed a feeble grasp of their precincts' problems were summarily replaced.
But now it's back, and getting attention in some tony precincts.
Such claims have been long missing in the precincts of the left, and the left has been weakened by their absence.
No waiter or bartender ever sets foot within the sacred precincts.
Police patrolling the precincts of sin do not often find the streets empty.
We should avoid manual recounts or insist that they have uniform standards in all precincts.
In fact, last week's testimony focused on three precincts, all in heavy crime areas.
But in less hysterical precincts, she elicits a more conflicted response.
Martinsville voters go to the polls in six precincts.
Wards and precincts determine where residents vote and in which elective district citizens reside.

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