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They attended panels on precinct organising and campaign finance.
Exclusion of cars from downtown has made a wonderful walking precinct and lots of opportunity for outdoor dining.
Here they deliver the alms and prayers they have collected during their treks to the saint's precinct.
Politically, we'll expand the great work of our precinct leader program.
Police officers will file reports directly from their patrol cars while parked close to a precinct house.
Back at a local precinct house, there was a recruiting drive underway, to hire more cops and neighborhood watchmen.
They don't go out and buy crack and take it to the nearest precinct.
Her colleagues described her as capable at computer work, and she collected crime statistics for the precinct.
The process has four steps: the precinct caucuses, the county conventions, the district conventions and the state convention.
Their votes were tallied by hand at the precinct, municipal, provincial and finally national levels.
He reported to the local precinct and then quickly found himself in jail.

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