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Over the preceding half-century, Scotland had been steadily growing poorer.
What's important are not the details but the pronoun placement, she preceding me.
Diaries of the preceding days mention smoky air and a red sun at morning and evening.
So figures preceding 1920 are largely assumptions made in retrospect.
The days preceding major holidays are plainly welcome to barbers, since that is when their scissors are most in demand.
The preceding chart nicely sums up the problem with spending cuts.
The preceding argument does not depend on technical progress.
Over the preceding decade, the price tag of a college education in Ohio had increased by an average of 9 percent a year.
The theme is of the same nature as in the preceding poem.
Most costumes are ordered at trade shows the preceding winter.
In the years immediately preceding the war, he had been vilified for views considered outside the national mainstream.
Tensions leading to this order had mounted in the preceding year.
But its strength and extent vary hugely, according to what the sun has been hurling at us in preceding days.
Then the bird threw down a much more beautiful dress than on the preceding day.
Spotted bowerbirds build their bowers anew each year, usually locating them close to those of the preceding mating season.
The last book in the mediator series is the best, but you have to read the preceding books in order to really get it.
Indeed, the preceding paragraph makes his outlook explicit.
There is even less excuse for the late spring rush, given the practice of starting academic searches the preceding summer or fall.
So what a preceding generation had done with their actual income, the current generation has had to do by borrowing.
They are getting more shrill, too, as the pair of preceding posts indicate.
Sadly, the fallacy is rampant in academic discourse, including several of the preceding comments.
And that, as many of the preceding posts demonstrate, is easier said than done.
During the last seven years, more of this city of the dead has been unearthed than in the thirty preceding.
The deaths from small pox last week numbered twenty, a slight increase over the number the preceding week.
Every lecture of the course attracts more hearers than the preceding one.
It is the finest thing he ever wrote, and may claim proud comparison not only with any contemporary, but preceding poet.
The field in the foreground has a wild uncultivated appearance as if it had been allowed to remain fallow the preceding summer.
Marathon runners get notoriously twitchy in the days preceding the big race.
The same experiment, but with three spots preceding two, shows the same revival of interest when the number of spots changes.
As the preceding post shows, there are other ideas out there including mixing transmission and generation.
As with many debt crises in emerging economies in the post-war period, the euro crisis was born of the preceding boom's excesses.
Equity returns are therefore likely to be a lot lower over the next decade than the preceding one.
For example, up until the redesign immediately preceding the present one, the table of contents occupied two facing pages.
Further, a clear deductive overview preceding inductive training eases the perceived difficulty of the lesson.
But while the net impact over the preceding decades may have been mixed, the same might not be true for the future.
Within two weeks my intellectual abilities were restored to levels preceding my illnesses.
It is obvious that in the preceding comment that the writer is not content with things as they are.
The authors address auras preceding migraines, and migraines without auras, but not auras without migraines.
Please do yourself a favor, please read the preceding entries before you repeat a retort.
Surely, the computer has the advantage of flight parameters immediately preceding the crisis.
The answer lies with the historical events preceding his first contact with the public.
So what had happened for many years preceding this illness, and to some extent throughout his whole life, was gone.
The first step in the experiment is to induce a condition preceding heart failure.
But the act of cleaning away the preceding day's damage was also important.
He has already addressed your arguments in his preceding paragraphs.
The average for that period doesn't look nearly as exciting, compared to the averages for the preceding years.
But, as one of the preceding commenters noted, these events do not occur in a vacuum.
No, but you avoided answering my preceding question, upon which the sense of this one hinges.
And even there, in real dollars or inflated ones, each successive film has earned less money than the preceding one.
Use the preceding models to word questions so that answers may be easily checked or circled.

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