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Example sentences for precedence

Apply the contract-type order of precedence carefully.
If you don't have a designation on file, then the funds will be distributed according to the order of precedence.
However, if you are happy with the order of precedence, you don't have to do anything.
Precedence shall be the order of date of acceptance, except when two or more decorations from the same agency are worn.
For Keynes, surprisingly, philosophy took precedence over economics.
They worry that some rights will take precedence over others.
Current experience takes precedence over history.
By implication then, basic human rights must take precedence.
The realizable ideal takes precedence over the one always out of reach.
Priority would be given to cargo flights taking precedence over passenger and charter flights.
In the following list the subsidiary motions are arranged in the order of their precedence, the first one having the highest rank.
The vote carries more political than legal weight, as courts generally give federal law precedence over state measures.
Unfortunately in a collapsing economy self interest will take precedence over proper ethics.
The above is another example folks of ideology taking precedence over reality and humanity.
It should be no surprise that it would take precedence over all other social selection factors.
If you change the operator precedence, you of course, must also change the way you define expressions.
In newspaper accounts, the name of the gang takes precedence over the individual arrested and charged with crimes.
Automobiles and other wheeled vehicles are permitted, but they do not take precedence over human needs, including aesthetic needs.
Sorry, my daughters wedding is that day and takes precedence.
Humans can't help having their preconceived beliefs take precedence over the facts.
Policymakers are acting on the fly, without much in the way of historical precedence to guide them.
Family holidays, weddings and funerals rarely take precedence over urgently sought medical treatment here.
In them, acting and mime take precedence, although the plays can express an aura of grandness within a framework of intimacy.
Eventually, though, the demands of the plot begin to take precedence over people and plausibility.
Short-term political fights take precedence over long term strategic decisions.
She took for granted that her wishes would simply take precedence over whatever else was going on in their lives.

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