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By focusing on the nation's precarious origins, the poem bolstered nationalism at a time when it was sorely needed.
When told of the boys' precarious position, they wanted to help — but adopting a teenage war orphan seemed like a huge step.
It is clear that the precarious illusion will soon unravel.
His loyalty to the rest of the crew wavered from fierce to precarious.
The narrator's life is suffused with the fear that his father will fall from his precarious perch of respectability.
With it came efforts to downplay the dangers of shoddily reconstructing a compact city on such precarious ground.
With careers having become so much more precarious, the temerity of originality is all the more impressive.
Still, if the island's health depends on the fossa's brutal care, then that is a precarious balance indeed.
It seems a bit precarious, and it elicits polite skepticism from others in the industry.
He holds up a digital print and points to a smudge in one of the precarious perches.
Prosperity and all the comforts of home rested on a more precarious foundation then.
Unlike those retired world leaders, she remains at the peak of her profession, though her hold has become more precarious.
Haynes climbed the spinning, rocking structure to a perilous and precarious perch high on the scaffolding.
It's a precarious balancing act-you want the pan hot enough so the eggs don't stick, but not so hot that they cook unevenly.
All are governed by a code of behavior as rigid as it is precarious.
My own state of health is certainly precarious enough.
The precarious framework of humane culture, the preservation of a minimum of decency, was everything to him.
Most of the country's impoverished citizens still live precarious and uncertain lives.
Not slanting or tilting or anything precarious as that, but turning a little.
For the first three days, her life was charted from precarious to uncertain to probable.
His family is in a precarious financial situation entirely because of him.
Now, looking backward from this time of precarious truce, it can be seen that the ends are no different from the middle.
Over the decades, the courts have steadily driven government censors into a precarious redoubt.
Instead, the fate of the plan is more precarious than ever.
For the vast majority of single mothers, the economic spectrum turns out to be narrow, running between precarious and desperate.
The stressful effects of a faltering economy, skyrocketing unemployment and precarious personal finances can be dire.
They are managing to survive despite their precarious position.
The skeleton shrimp has several adaptations that allow it to live in this precarious location.

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