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In this extended family, people gather to pray in times of trouble.
Lets pray that the research continues for both spinal injuries and multiple sclerosis.
In nearly every faith, for thousands of years, congregations have regularly gathered to pray for the sick.
They do have convocation once a year and pray at graduation, but that is about the extent of required religious observance.
Many bull riders pray openly, and there is a good reason for it.
All one had to do was have the elders pray over you, sing gospel music and read a few scriptures-talk about a simple program.
Their lives were in danger, but there was little to do except pray.
Pray for those in decision making positions to get back in touch students' needs.
All students are free to take a quiet moment and pray.
They come to pray for solutions to their problems and illnesses.
After that, emergency services around the world will have to wait and pray that the phone doesn't ring.
They will pray and place their handwritten ballots in a chalice atop an altar.
People should pray and have water and food on hand to last a month.
Pray tell how the construction of a cheap greenhouse cured your house roof's shortcomings.
And also pray for the doctors who is doing the surgery for her.
No, pray that you have some scientists with half a brain.
We should avoid their wrong practices, but always pray for their good.
She also said, to my astonishment, that she would pray for him.
The nuns still find time to pray seven hours a day, drawing inspiration from the ancient visions on the walls.
He wakes at dawn to pray, and prays again in the evening.
But the more you pray, the more likely you are to have faith.
Join with me to help spread the word, support them and pray for their successful continuation.
Put it on a shelf or give it a half-page in a catalog and pray.
On the finishing day, they held a big launching ceremony to pray for their ancient souls' blessings.
Sixty-one percent of this party's voters say they pray daily or more often.
When you have only one chance to get it right, you tend to open up your wallet and pray.
Get a low-interest introductory loan for signing up for a new credit card, invest that money in a high-interest account, and pray.
She professes to pray for guidance on even relatively mundane matters, such as hiring campaign staff.
Having this technology at reach hand makes me pray for the engineers to unplug the thing every night.
He is dreadfully upset and slips into church to pray for a miracle and forgiveness.
No longer able to kneel, he has to pray sitting in a chair.
Reincarnate into an immortal jellyfish, avoid predators and toxins, and pray for someone to rescue you when your habitat dies.
Simply pointing out that people have the freedom to pray however they wish is not enough.
Take out your smart phone, raise the camera so it can see the bulb, and pray that you're right.
To give an example, how about the number of times you have to pray per day.
Go to grad school, do a post-doc or two, and then get a tenure-track position and pray for funding.
They pray for it, and they work toward it as best they can.
Some patients with bipolar disorder pray and meditate more than others.
We pray for the thousands upon thousands of people throughout the world who live under oppressive regimes.
We pray to him basically to invoke his blessing so the prayer will go smoothly.
We pray for the families of those who have lost loved ones and also those who have sons and daughters who are missing in action.

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