prattle in a sentence

Example sentences for prattle

But journalists ignore the both of us and prattle on regardless, as if it were factual.
His donnish prattle has all the charm of a nine o'clock lecture in a draughty, badly-lit room.
It's one thing to have your monkey's on the left prattle on about how bad the filibuster is.
Their prattle is the soothing small-talk that takes our minds off more serious matters.
Insipid prattle is often a great deterrent to would-be skirt chasers.
These people natter and natter, and when they are not nattering, they prattle.
History has a knack of lifting the veil of ignorance, and prattle.
No movie star wanted to prattle about her designer dress while the nation was at war.
Don't prattle on about valuable teachers are, prove it and address the issues that really inhibit learning.

Famous quotes containing the word prattle

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