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Example sentences for praised

Scientists have long praised the lotus leaf, better known as the water lily, for its water-resistant and self-cleaning properties.
Panelists also praised the hotels, which are largely old, rehabilitated buildings in the city center.
She praised the scouts for the desire they have for science and ecology.
Later dynasties would be more renowned, praised for artistic perfection and sophisticated governance.
They have been praised and criticized, honored and ridiculed, by foes and fans.
These dogs were worked with repeatedly to do what they were made to do and praised and rewarded for it.
There is nothing which power cannot believe of itself, when it is praised as equal to the gods.
Her first volume praised for its freshness and vitality.
It's already been praised as a brilliant and insightful piece of medical journalism on blogs and twitter.
Nobody should be ashamed of and made to hide the things for which his brother is praised.
When one is up, one is praised sky-high, showered with credits one never deserves.
In television interviews, she spoke in glowing terms of his competence, and praised his response to the disaster.
The students praised professors who make themselves available via technology.
The prof praised his great thoughts and he took the credit with pride.
The police also praised the college's response to the episode.
The revolution he ushered in transforming consumer behavior and the portable device frontier deserves to be praised.
While the first film was largely praised by the critics, the subsequent ones were panned.
The first three games, which are included in the collection, are praised as some of the best in the genre.
Users and critics alike praised its straightforward design and even the way it implemented ads.
Fifteen years on, the country is praised for salving the wounds of genocide.
Only a few years ago, his work would have been praised more for its readability than its insights.
Its food is often praised for both its bold, hearty flavors and its exceptionally nutritious makeup.
The robots are often praised for their dexterity, advanced visualization technologies, and mechanical stamina.
Pipes, a highly praised tool that makes it easy to create mashups, is still being actively supported.
When some one fake experiments to support such theories, he is praised.
He thanked them, praised their courage, honored their martyrdom.
When he was praised, it was for his technical skill rather than for his psychological depth.
The king praised him and gave him a silver mirror for his efforts.
Nye and the other panelists all praised this nascent solar sailing success as a open door to exploration.
Management was actually praised for its work under the adverse conditions.
Various leaders will be blamed for the bad times or praised for the good times.
Critics praised it as almost four hours of phenomenal music.
His work is widely read, critically praised, and regularly awarded prizes.
He is accused of immorality and praised as a spokesman for science and rationality in human affairs.
He has been alternately praised and decried as a cruel portraitist, but he can never be accused of showing mercy to himself.
He let his intellectual grasp of things he read, signed, or praised look shallow or non-existent.

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