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It's impossible to run out into the academic prairie all by yourself.
In this lesson, students learn about the conflicts relating to humans and wildlife in prairie habitats.
State governors fail to back a federal program to preserve and protect native prairie.
The landscape is slowly becoming more open and green, the prairie reappearing from beneath the plant.
In this lesson, students will learn about the characteristics of prairie habitats.
Stimulating a plankton bloom is the equivalent of fertilizing a prairie.
Researchers work to decode a complex language of chirps and squeaks that prairie dogs use to warn each other of predators.
Print detailed illustrations of prairie dogs and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Prairie voles in monogamous relationships respond less to drugs.
They came over the prairie in their pickup trucks, in the cool, quiet hours before dawn.
Their study was conducted in the prairie vole, a small rodent that mates for life.
Not to mention people seeking concert and movie tickets for campus cultural events, prairie lovers and physics groupies.
Coyotes are smaller than wolves and are sometimes called prairie wolves or brush wolves.
Not only that, but once a ferret kills a prairie dog, it usurps the burrow.
It depends mainly on the abandoned burrows of prairie dogs for nesting sites and shelter.
It's a sprawling marsh and bog-prime bird habitat-with a spruce-tamarack forest and some prairie areas.
The sleek masked predators dine almost exclusively on prairie dogs.
Lewis's descriptions of the prairie dogs were the first scientific accounts of them ever made.
Mao has said that a single spark can ignite the whole prairie.
Savannas are particularly prone to out of control prairie fires during their dry season.
But this prairie town grew tired of that culture war long ago.
Horses are undeniably born to run, a survival strategy that befits a prairie herbivore with neither fangs nor claws.
Native prairie plants can spruce up your property and benefit wildlife.
They and the prairie birds rush to grab earthworms cutworms, white grubs, beetles and ants.

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