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This notion is not naive ideology; it is hard-headed pragmatism.
Again, it is a question of pragmatism and proper roles.
Politicians are local and thus more inclined to pragmatism and constructive action.
These corporations are not capable of transcending the pragmatism of their products.
There is legislative pragmatism — writing bills that can pass.
His pragmatism has finally won out against his brother's doctrinaire Utopianism.
In this photo-heavy memoir, he makes it clear that he has built his business on sweat and pragmatism as much as he has on taste.
If so, somewhere in there pragmatism and a commitment to full parental responsibility did part ways.
Mostly it's just pragmatism — we can't afford to do everything at once.
As the Web moves from adolescence to adulthood, idealism is naturally giving way to pragmatism.
Two treatises from the master of prose exemplify the pragmatism of the philosopher's mind applied to the human condition.
Among the clergy, there was much ignorance, servility and pragmatism.
The new sense of pragmatism seems to suggest that it is no use chasing after grand treaties.
Treating political opponents courteously and radiating calm non-ideological pragmatism are the way he gets the country behind him.
Rehnquist's highly evolved pragmatism convinced him that the courts cannot ignore broad cultural shifts.
His willingness to consider a guest-worker program today is based on pragmatism.
The quote is commonly recited for its wry pragmatism and seeming cynical irreverence.
Pragmatism plays as much a part in that resolve as altruism.
The point is that morality is a self generating concept that doesn't owe itself to anything other than its own pragmatism.
The essence is knife-sharp pragmatism wedded to soldierly selflessness.
We have always been an idealistic people bound by pragmatism.
No pragmatism or practicality to consider their future may be in jeopardy and can be acted upon to reduce or negate it.
And deservedly so: he embodied the perfect balance between aesthetics, curiosity, and pragmatism.
Part of their pragmatism is to try to avoid an open clash with the ideologues.
In our reasoning pragmatism is inseparably intertwined with idealism.
However, his public comments hardly reflect that political pragmatism.
These five remarkable mayors embrace a similar philosophy: innovation means more than ideology, pragmatism more than partisanship.
So far, pragmatism and dialogue seem to have prevailed.
His diplomatic method blends that optimism with pragmatism.
Its short-term survival seems to be more hinge on pragmatism than real convictions.
She lacks his extraordinary political gifts and perhaps also his innate pragmatism.
In the end the panel narrowly decided against pragmatism and chose to set straight the historical records.
The primaries were dominated by a spirit of pragmatism.
With the markets reeling, pragmatism trumped principle.
Yet such state intervention is driven not by ideology but, mostly, by pragmatism.
Imagining that pragmatism will rule the day is the consensus.
Those whose families have been hatched, matched and dispatched at the local altar decry such pragmatism.
He has derided the federal stimulus but taken its cash-a sign of pragmatism or hypocrisy, depending on the audience.
To many observers, the suspension of the pact was a triumph of pragmatism over procedure.
Or, put more briefly, because language choice isn't sheer pragmatism.
Other problems stem from pragmatism in the face of budgetary difficulties.
Most were succeeded by her personal choices, but pragmatism sometimes prevailed.
In all likelihood, however, it is simple pragmatism.
The philosophy of pragmatism encourages testing the authenticity or truth of ideas through experience.
These leaders' decisions were not binding, although logic and pragmatism recommended regard for their counsel.

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