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There is a selection effect in finding people who practise meditation.
We conduct practise twice a week to develop and learn off one another.
The educational phase was for the population to learn how to practise democracy, in other words, to grow a middle class.
On them to look and practise by myself.
Other arthropods lay eggs through their elbows, urinate through their heads and regularly practise virgin birth.
The arguments offered against this practise in this article are completely spurious.
Bad writing consists in making the attempt, and failing through lack of practise.
She believed she had the right for free speech which is guaranteed in the Chinese constitution, but not in practise.
And you might as well learn the difference between "licence" and "license" and between "practice" and "practise" as well.
Clinics give law students a chance to practise their craft.
Although it is talked about, in practise lime is hardly ever used.
And at agility practise if another dog runs up to him he starts growling and snapping at them.
Let it be understood at the start that no complaint is here brought against medical science or those that practise medicine.
It seems these emails target those that are ignorant in astronomy and do not practise critical thinking.
Each time they come parents can practise their open communication skills and bond with those other kids.
However, this is and never should be consider the norm or best practise.
So, training and practise result in performance improvements.
For serious breaches, hospitals and clinics could lose their permits to practise medicine-in theory.
Only about a sixth of the world's nations practise birthright citizenship.
Timers on desks push older students as they practise racing through tests.
Lesser politicians practise a quieter version of this hypocrisy.
The queen pressed her advantage by asking for a road to the cave where she liked to practise her rainmaking rites.
Alone, she would secretly practise the things she was afraid of doing-climbing trees, going high on swings.
Doctors and accountants must hold the country's professional qualifications to be able to practise.
The students practise confronting alternative world views.
As well as preaching pluralism, the old state-backed outfits should practise it too.
He made her practise in the cold until icicles formed in her hair.
In the longer term the odds are stacked against secrecy, particularly in countries that practise openness in other areas.
They practise a thousand little arts that indirectly distort the truth.
No one is to practise or aspire after virtue or perfection upon a motive of greatness, or of being exalted by it.
Whatever austerities he prescribed to others he was the first to practise himself remitting nothing of them even in his old age.

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