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Society in this country and royalty abroad spent time in practicing the intricate steps.
But truly devoted caregivers have learned a great secret, which is that kindness is replenished by the act of practicing it.
It was kind of amusing, because they're snarling and putting their claws out-they're practicing to be ferocious.
Shown here are musicians practicing on period instruments.
The religion was seen an indecent, disruptive and a method of decreasing the number of people practicing traditional religions.
By practicing yoga, the yogi has absorbed the universe into himself.
As a practicing vegetarian and a picky eater, she finds few choices at school.
Firefighters never stop practicing the skills they need to stay safe.
The ice columns on either side of the falls are popular with ice climbers practicing their skills.
The city, practicing a zero tolerance policy on graffiti, has gone so far as to paint over some of the murals completely.
Maybe some parents are actually glad to avoid the hours and hours devoted to practicing cursive.
Most of us are practicing all the time without even recognizing it.
For another, the practicing bar also demands junior lawyers who know more about the substance of their practice areas.
It's a campus that supporters praise as a bastion of freedom, but that critics condemn for not practicing what it preaches.
Candidate must be a member in good standing of a state bar, and have experience as a practicing attorney.
Our findings show that there are immediate, short-term benefits to practicing mindfulness meditation.
Try practicing your answers to questions out loud, preferably with a partner.
The doctoral program is designed for practicing clinicians and is offered in both onsite and blended distance learning formats.
You're drinking coffee and talking to your boss on a cellphone, practicing your pitch.
When he's not practicing, he's working toward a master's degree.
There is also a part-time program option for practicing special educators.
Yes, memory contestants put in a lot of time practicing and improving their skills.
Start practicing pumping now, seek consultation from your healthcare worker if you are having problems with the practice.
In college, he considered going to law school, until a lawyer told him to go only if he was excited about practicing law.
However, the flip side is that many practicing professionals want to teach, so maybe they can get away with screwing you.
Forcing a mandatory technology fee on students who are practicing frugality is unfair.
Practicing good nutrition keeps your mind sharp, your body fit, and your life long.
These residents and practicing surgeons simply played three or more hours of action video games a week.
Somewhere in this pile are the ones you should be practicing right now.
Practicing thinking by yourself really helps develop your brain, which you need throughout your day.
And of course there's nothing stopping you from practicing before the challenge starts.
She tries reciting her school lessons to settle her nerves, but practicing does not provide her with any comfort.
Both countries are practicing democracy in their politics.
But there is huge difference in the style of democracy they are practicing.
The voters also have the option of paying taxes when due instead of practicing tax evasions as national sports.
But they also left to continue practicing persecution.
As a practicing medical doctor, whose job is saving human lives, it is interesting that you should espouse such views.
He should start by practicing penalty kicks as a starting point.
He is a practicing psychiatrist treating patients with sleep disorders.
Practicing drill under their sergeant's orders in broad daylight in the main road.
Free trade nations always do better even when no one else is practicing free trade.
Not even doctors from foreign countries can arrive and start practicing.
Strange though it may seem, sometimes the best way to promote peace is by practicing war.
The lack of these facilities and specialists leaves many areas unable to attract well-trained practicing physicians.
But in my experience these are the kinds of questions that practicing historians might ask.
But as a bunch of practicing journalists, we're a weird sample.
But there's another way of looking at the great tolerance experiment--practicing for the future.
Practicing the work ethic should enable people to achieve this standard of living.
But choir directors know that they have to quit practicing after a while and make real music.
No one practicing polygamy was allowed to act as a juror, hold office in courts, or vote in elections.
Practicing good medicine necessitates navigating a minefield of competing interests.
So medieval jousting was more theatrical than the jousting you're practicing now.
If you want to avoid a cold this season, start practicing now.
The first group practiced, the second group imagined practicing and the last group played a different sport.
So as a principle our family was practicing immunization.
Likewise, practicing complex sentences helps aphasics handle simple ones.
He found that practicing on himself was quick and easy, starting with his acne.
In their disclaimers, all three say that they are not offering medical advice or practicing medicine.
We are now hiring top practicing scientists and engineers to serve as program directors.
Until recently, doctors mostly trained by first watching procedures, then practicing them directly on patients.
While not a practicing economist, that is what my degree is in.
Granted, she's doing it all in space, where for the last four months she has been practicing orbital cooking.
In fact, it's you who is practicing non-courtesy by determining for the owner what his policies should be.
It was the process of learning and practicing a new skill that bulked up the brain, researchers declared.
The rink was already closed, but there was one lone skater practicing her figures.
And if homeopaths are claiming to be doctors, they could be done for practicing medicine without a license.
Practicing politics, or writing about it, was a job not for the best and brightest but for the narrow-minded and obtuse.
We found that they were practicing it in a wrong way, where they married and divorced, married and divorced-a lot of wives.
They should be home, improving their minds and practicing the lute.
He's practicing for an interview for a residency in his new chosen specialty: psychiatry.
For four months he sat in a cell, practicing his wakeful dreaming.
He was the practicing grafter and occasional blackmailer who never left home until he had bent his knee in prayer.
For this act of practicing science, his notes and correspondences were confiscated.
You've been practicing, and this is the year to take it up a level.
It's practicing intelligently that improves performance.
Rarely have the denouncers of censorship been so eager to start practicing it.
Practicing it is supposed to make you feel better, but doing it wrong is dangerous.
If you're having trouble, try practicing in your socks.

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