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The question, then, is not whether family limitation should be practiced.
The practiced pianist touches the right keys without thinking of them.
He practiced firing into a fence and concluded he was a better marksman than he had thought.
Yet remarkably, by the end of the first day, everyone has practiced the skills needed to shape beautiful pottery.
Seems as though the producers of the show practiced some pretty unethical editing practices.
Hundreds of years later, it is still practiced and still in style.
For health care is not practiced the same way across the country.
She had practiced earlier in the day, and even dressed in the locker room for the match.
The protest itself was an act of faith in politics as it is meant to be practiced.
The debates that surround authenticity have no relationship to popular music as it's been practiced for more than a century.
Throughout it, he rambled and murmured, and his band kept vainly trying to shepherd him toward the set they had practiced.
Others practiced what might be called damning with faint pride.
He practiced daily for more than a month before he could wobble up and down his driveway.
During the time scientists observed the tiger sharks, they discovered that all the animals practiced yo-yo diving.
Today, no civilized society would permit capital punishment to be practiced in accordance with the penal theory that fathered it.
The reason they knew better was because the system of mixed pastoralism they practiced was defined by close physical proximity.
And this is where the kind of systems thinking practiced by game designers becomes really interesting.
And it is doubtful if there were any regularly educated attorneys who practiced in the courts of the colony during its existence.
The second factor is how skilled, practiced, and comfortable both participants are in the art of critical thinking.
It could also be a boon for citizen journalism, which is now practiced largely by those who can afford to do it without pay.
Believable enough, given the tight-faced smiling desperation of his practiced success.
Intellectual conservatism, which is admittedly practiced by precious few, is inherently humble.
He is obviously well-practiced at this sort of scholarly and linguistic malpractice.
You'd be crazy not to have a schizoid response to free trade as currently practiced.
Although she was not my option for presidency, her campaign was flawless and democracy was practiced.
They need to be continually practiced and protected.
Tattooing is one of the world's oldest art forms and has been widely practiced for thousands of years.
Some of their buildings are historic sites today, although ranching is still practiced in the vicinity.
Field was a veterinarian who, having practiced privately for years, had decided to pursue a doctorate in veterinary epidemiology.
Now that you've practiced your interviewing skills, you're ready to conduct a community interview, described below.
Our mask and snorkel combination makes exploring the underwater world easy for practiced divers or beginners.
Although less commonly practiced today, friends celebrate first footing by visiting each other's homes shortly after midnight.
Knights practiced the art of war with the act of jousting.
However, as long as the nomadic people remain, so will the traditions they've practiced for centuries.
Compare that to a second group of volunteers, who practiced the five-letter combos in a random order.
Record her saying her name backwards, after she's practiced a few times.
She practiced gun-handling and learned how to use the swords and butterfly knives wielded with utter authority on-screen.
You've practiced your big presentation a thousand times.
Or maybe you're one of the supremely practiced few who tastes his money's worth in a wine.
We vote rarely, so the procedure never becomes a well-practiced routine.
The basic concept is practiced by anyone who grows plants or breeds animals.
Meditation can be practiced for pure stress reduction if someone is not interested in spiritual aspects of it.
For the leeches, use some techniques that many civilizations have practiced: reform them and if that doesn't work, exile them.
Two years later, the scores continued to track higher among the group that practiced affirmations.
Peal insisted when these characteristics are practiced they improve not only the self but the world at large.
They practiced agriculture on land that is unusable for farming due to climate.
There are natives worldwide who already practice and have practiced for ages, maintaining the natural balance of life.
When taking an even broader, comparative perspective, monogamy isn't practiced by our closest relatives at all.
He can't really have had close contact with science as practiced in the universities of this world today.
He has since returned to camp but has not practiced due to an undisclosed injury.
The doctor cleared her to play volleyball, and she practiced with the team that day.
Prepare by having practiced a two-minute answer that explains the essence of your work.
Most everyone whose eyes open every day, knew of the fraudulent practices that were consistently practiced by the for-profits.
At the time she was a third-year medical student, and she wanted him to listen as she practiced presenting medical cases.
Rituals and ceremonies in which people acted out or danced the essence of animals have been practiced since human time began.
Skill sets need to be learned and practiced in order to become effective.
Using a well-practiced flip of his hands, the server encloses your warm stash in an envelope of white paper twisted at both ends.
As currently practiced, dialysis is a crude procedure.
She practiced all spring, and the next fall she was named to the varsity team, which went to the final four our senior year.
Interaction is a basic human need and is best practiced organically, not forced.
It is the practiced and familiar ritual greeting of mutual incomprehension and ancient contempt.
For all they knew, the natives there too practiced cannibalism.
But as people practiced the task and became more familiar with it, their mind wandering increased.
The two relate the story of their supplement with a practiced air.
In fact the kind of oppressiveness practiced by many religions is another form of greed through self-importance.
During that time, hundreds of physicians practiced the unproven treatment.
Let's start with an extreme example of polyandry: that practiced by jacanas.
Many human lifesaving procedures are first practiced on animals.
Physics, as it is currently practiced, is a paradigm for a naturalistic way of understanding the world.
It will be officially banned in every developed country, but it will be practiced anyway.
Food sharing among unrelated individuals is also practiced by wild chimpanzees and occasionally by human beings.
The better practiced you are, the sharper the photographs.
Another commonly practiced technique involved grinding away the specimen under examination, layer-by- layer.
People who practiced this task did better at tests that had nothing to do with the training task itself.
Meanwhile you have rolled yourself a cigarette, say, and inserted it with great care between your well-practiced lips.
It is true that rendition has been practiced for decades.
He applauds the law's proposal to study changes in the way care is paid for and medicine is practiced.
The refinement of her arms, and the practiced way in which they move at times suggest a lady at her toilette.
But there's a major problem with the expansion of aquaculture as it's practiced today: fish feed.
Workers dismantle the equipment with a practiced air.
He also practiced law as a litigator in private practice for several years.
These cultures hunted game, gathered local edible plants and practiced farming.

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