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Practically everyone becomes an amateur photographer when they travel-photographs are a way to capture the experience.
Lab-grown gemstones are now practically indistinguishable from mined diamonds.
Newscasters are practically automatons already, so a synthetic anchor comes as a welcome alternative.
Sleep is such a fundamental biological drive that it's shared by practically every species, from fruit flies to humans.
Patients are practically in tears because they're so worried.
The weather was perfect, there being practically no wind and the air being clear and mild.
Its red, tubular blooms practically glow when backlit by the sun.
The fourscore of guests at this cozy retreat practically form one harmonious and joyous family.
If it's dreadful too, then the decision is practically made for you.
Ten years ago, practically nothing was known about whale sharks, and nobody bothered them.
You'll see elk, deer and cranes, and get so close to a herd of bison that you can practically smell their wooly fur.
It is aphid resistant, practically immune to disease, and its stems have few if any prickles.
They curve wildly, practically bouncing around in midair.
By being practically tied to the dollar, both import costs and export sales remain in balance.
But the screenplay would remain unproduced, and practically unheard of, for years to come.
Practically every word spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
Whatever causes mad cow disease is practically indestructible.
For undergraduate, several of the best endowed will pay for practically all your tuition these days.
Events such as the one described in our article occur practically every day in the wild.
Curtiss made another flight, at the end of which he turned practically a complete circle.
And drizzle honey over creamy ricotta cheese for a practically instant dessert.
Whales evolved in an environment where visibility is limited but sound practically unimpeded.
Any true environmentalist would support nuclear power as a safe, clean, and practically limitless form of energy.
She wiggles her head so much it practically becomes a blur.
To them the past is practically a sealed book, and they leave the future to take care of itself.
With an election year looming, our politicians have now practically abandoned governing.
It also encouraged philosophers to think more practically about moral issues in the public arena.
He always made it with water that was practically boiling.
Jarrell learned the way practically every other fiddler and banjo player did-by ear, at the knee of older musicians.
Practically all citrus plants sold have been budded or grafted on an understock.
Lightweight and great for indoor and outdoor use, they are practically the only shoes you need to bring on your travels.
Practically every word is spoken, every scene, every situation comes straight from the text.
But since this all came from physics it is practically invisible.
The bottom, realistically, is good news for practically everyone.
Some people are practically glued to their cell phones all day, every day.
The poor thing was so dried out it was practically weightless.
It's great because you don't have to take up all that time to go to the resort, and it's practically free.
Actual decoding and/or decrypting of the secret data might be practically impossible.
It's practically miraculous how pressing can quickly transform nasty fruit into delicious oil.
All farmland was occupied, and practically everyone was hungry.
And yet-strangest of all-she lived practically yesterday.
He then strode right into the traffic-filled street and practically dragged a taxi back with him.
He tallies up such an thorough inventory of the rebel arsenal that he's practically auditing their quartermasters.
The vote-scaring slogans practically write themselves.
Practically speaking, the military's got little choice.
He has had enough oil money to change this country and he has accomplished practically nothing.
Anyone, arguably, could be a contender with practically unlimited financial backing.
Even so, practically every political party in the region promises to maintain the status quo of high taxes and high welfare.
In today's cyberspace-paced world, ingredients evolve from gourmet to everyday practically overnight.
Locals consider soccer almost a religion, and this guy was practically a deity.
Now, you can do interdisciplinary work within a discipline--in fact it is practically required these days.
Therefore, there is practically no secondary teacher certification in that area in this country.
Certain annual meetings are practically required for everyone in that discipline, junior or senior.
As such they are the carriers of practically all significant differences in stress, pitch, and syllabification.
Practically all were of four small pages, each of three or four columns, issued weekly.
While this is not a motion to commit, yet it is used for practically the same purpose as the committee of the whole.
It admits practically no limitations to its possibility of cures.
In reality, the loophole could not be practically exploited.
The judgment is philosophically ignorant and practically almost pointless.
All the scientifically and practically important stuff can be done by robots.
Countries were you can get a visa on arrival for free are practically equivalent to visa free.
They can practically think for themselves by making decisions due different situations.
More accurately, they have been practically non-existent.
The origin-reason and the purpose-fate of life are mechanistic, ethically and practically valueless.
It takes place in a sealed container and it's practically odorless, making it suitable for small dwellings.
He stops briefly, swings his head to scan me with his opposite eye, and practically poses for a quick portrait.
From that fertile ground, there's practically no stopping the widespread dissemination of bacterial resistance genes.
At near-infrared wavelengths, the dust becomes almost transparent and the pillars practically vanish.
Practically, they have nowhere to store things they buy.
Practically anything you can imagine, from techie trinkets to professional gear, is right at your fingertips.
Practically everything hinges on cheap energy being developed.
For me this type of idealism is practically equivalent to religious thought.
The prospect of a single storm practically bankrupting their industry has not been lost on insurers or their odds-makers.
Clearly, an animal that grew up on an extensive farm has practically used no non-renewable energy to grow.
These chic flats are practically identical versions of the designer's upscale collection.
If that was the case, the producers ought to be practically rejoicing now.
Insomniacs will do practically anything to get a good night's sleep.
Soldiers practically inhabiting the mechanical bodies of androids, who will take the humans' place on the battlefield.
It weighs practically nothing, and it's water resistant, which came in handy since it poured during our trip.
Chintzy keyboard and mouse are practically begging to be shattered.
The case is small and easy to stow, so you can take it anywhere and clamp it to practically any paper notebook or sketch pad.
Compared with others in the animal kingdom, elephants are practically geniuses.
Without sautéing, rabbit is stewed in practically nothing but its own juices.
Roast chicken is the utility infielder of practically everyone's culinary repertoire.
Eating meat or cheese between layers of bread is practically an innate human behavior.
Best of all, much of what's served is grown or produced locally, some of it practically within hollering distance.
The other path to cauliflower bliss is roasting, which brings out the nuttiness so the cauliflower is practically meaty.
He practically dissolves in tenderness in his private place under the parlor sofa.
Most are middle-brow, some are high-brow, a few are practically inscrutable.
Yahoo practically has its own template for this story.
It's a regional map of the area, disorienting, with state lines practically invisible.
Practically zero comes from health care and education.
Practically speaking, this does not mean pretending that adults with autism do not need help.
Gentle forest-cloaked hills rim the town, creating a natural basin that practically invites fog to settle in and stay awhile.
Still, practically all the participants said full-speed ahead.
Operating voltages have crept close to a fundamental limit at which transistors cease to function practically.
Any data exchanged over that link is then encrypted and is practically impossible for an attacker to decrypt.
Once it happens, you can practically give up or start drilling new holes.
All of us have this technology practically in the palms of our hands.
All in all, it's a cross-fertilization that was practically unheard of until a few years ago.
The spread of nuclear know-how is practically inevitable.
Ie, it is practically impossible to expect a valid solution at the input of the filter.
Guacamole is practically an afterthought, hidden under thick, unsalted chips freshly fried in corn oil.
Roger was being a bit hyperbolic when he claimed to have entered practically all of the contests since its inception.
Roundups proceed practically unnoticed in supermarket parking lots, on the streets, and in expensive new developments.
The second step is figuring out, practically, how to get from what they have to what they want.
He wrote fiction on the side but could get nothing practically published.
So some underground papers practically made it an editorial policy not to edit.
She cultivated relationships with music and film celebrities-practically inventing the concept of supermodels.
On an island that imports practically all its food, including rice, a few straight weeks of such strikes could be a catastrophe.
It perennially ranks near the bottom on practically every basic measure of civic health.
But the odds that a flu vaccine would cause more harm than the illness itself are practically zero.
Making fun of politicians is a pastime practically as old as politics itself.
In practically all churches now they put the steps on the outside.
The film revolves around cars, yet there are practically no cars.
Practically everything that might stimulate the economy.
Eventually, she'd practically become a member of the household.
When the whistle blows, every other worker practically runs for the door.
Precisely the innocuousness of practically all of the photographs testifies to the power of the image.
Every coin has its other side, every virtue its corresponding vice-and practically every university its festering sores.
For practically everyone else the war had quite different meanings: they had troubles of their own.
They say that it is practically necessary to raise their hands to get permission to go to the bathroom.
Still, to reach the heights in practically any field today calls for a round-the-clock commitment.
The low priority of high ideals is, practically speaking, built into the contemporary system.
The same reality can be expressed in a number of ways that is practically infinite.
He's a collector of various things, but his collections are now practically complete, and are beginning in fact to bore him.
But don't get too smug, because in other ways your sense of smell is practically useless.
It's probably no coincidence that scientists have found practically hardly any fossils of chimps or gorillas.
Since then the insect has evolved so much it is practically a distinct species from the mainland variety.
The extra fact that he continues to make contributions to science pushes beyond amazing to practically unbelievable.
Late-night sleep, when it happens, is practically a social activity.
Compared with other mammals, all humans are practically cousins.
Problems of this nature occur so regularly that attending to them becomes practically a permanent job.
Grace was practically incoherent, shuffling around the premises.
He was slunk down so low in his chair that he was practically under the desk.
When they go over the corporation's books, they understand practically none of it.
But in this economy, some owners are practically willing to give away theirs.
For the famously prolific songwriter, that's practically an eternity.
Her style seems almost intentionally annoying: she screams on camera, her blue eyes practically bugging out of her head.
They were good but they were chewy, and they were practically inedible after a few hours.
While any of these statements might be true, they are practically impossible to prove scientifically.
Care is provided in practically all medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties.
Cyberspace touches practically everything and everyone.

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