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The authors propose that self-destructive acts are responses of individuals to frustrating political powerlessness.
The chief minister blithely claimed ignorance or powerlessness.
There is a certain sense of powerlessness that has crept into how people think about politics.
The rest of us felt the powerlessness of resignation.
The elderly represent your own mortality, and your powerlessness to do anything but manage decline.
Suicide terrorism is attractive, because it fosters this sense of powerlessness within the targeted society.
None of this is meant to condone throwing up one's hands and feigning powerlessness.
People were suffering from a sense of alienation from one another, of anomie, of powerlessness.
Finally, the teenaged mind follows a killing impulse, and power is lustily grabbed by a brain long convinced of its powerlessness.
If it is true that absolute power corrupts, so can absolute powerlessness.
As you could tell from yesterday's post, it didn't take long for us to discover our fundamental powerlessness.
He is lost-caught-in the thickets of doctrine, betrayal, and powerlessness.
In an election year, politicians can't be expected to acknowledge their powerlessness.
It's a confession of powerlessness, an avoidance of responsibility, a demand that change come from somewhere else.
Rather than poverty, it is the farmers' sense of powerlessness that sows the seeds of discontent.
Yet at the same time, he's the face of the powerlessness sometimes even of absolute power.
Abolish feelings of powerlessness, fear and guilt by reciting positive mantras.
Or that he felt degraded by the experience, by his powerlessness, and has been trying to feel powerful ever since.

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