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The powerless twin was unable to reach a nearby airport and made a forced landing in the backyard of a private residence.
Flying bullets and shrapnel rendered firefighters powerless.
The government, with its meager resources, is virtually powerless to stop the looting.
It's the best real estate possible-waterfront, protected from hurricanes, and powerless air-conditioning.
When people are powerless, they are easily manipulated.
On that windswept mountain it occurs to me that humans are not so powerless after all.
Two years ago it left hundreds of thousands of homes in my state powerless.
Participants were asked to write about a time they either felt powerful or powerless.
But without oxygen, their energy is depleted and they are powerless to remove it.
But as many of them noted in televised interviews, what made matters far worse was feeling powerless.
The powerful tend to see the forest whereas the powerless focus on the trees.
In addition, individuals also often feel powerless and frustrated by the power of lobbies for vaccine and drug makers.
Slowly the objectors, who are generally powerless, fall silent.
People are not powerless until and if they accept that they are powerless.
They're cast as powerless in the face of university influence that is somehow made out to be irresistible.
Politics and command-and-control systems got us to the moon in a decade, but they proved powerless to keep us there.
In other experiments, consumers who felt powerless and alone chose larger portions than participants in the control group.
They either didn't care, or felt powerless to control their hunger.
Without management support he was powerless, and as a result, ineffective.
As a result, in hospitals across the nation, some antibiotics have become powerless against life-threatening infections.
But for now, they say, they are powerless to help with the other big concern of parents and students: rising tuition fees.
But the system must be fair, particularly for the relatively powerless student-athletes.
Still, one is powerless to reverse the drift of the culture.
Then, as important academic deadlines begin to loom, they admit they are powerless and go into rehab.
It is basic right of people to tell about wrongdoings even if they are powerless in face of them.
We thronged round her, powerless to help or alleviate.
The citizens had certain officers of their own, but they were powerless in the event of any struggle with the director.
In this particular, his influence upon her was equally powerless with mine.
Happily they are totally powerless to impose consequences on people who publicly debunk their ersatz profession.
It is a metric devised by those seeking power as a way of holding power over the powerless.
But he's powerless, stuck half a world away from the action.
Newspapers are powerless to make war or restore peace.
All of these friends let her down, mainly because they were powerless.
People who are powerless make an open theater of violence.
He writes without romance and without rancor, perhaps because he sees the priests he likes as largely powerless.
The owners of public companies the world over frequently find themselves powerless.
The public, including a growing number of shareholders, have howled ever more loudly but seemed powerless to stop it.
The interim government has been powerless to put an end to the violence.
For humans are not completely powerless in the face of nature: rather the reverse.
Those whose electricity still works share kitchens with the powerless.
The rule of corporations, as she sees it, is inherently repressive and exploitative of powerless citizens.
And a place of environmental devastation that government is powerless to stop.
Again, the protesters are absolutely right: governments are not powerless.
But the councils met only after months of delay and they are largely powerless.
Its levels of spending are unsustainable, but legislators seem powerless to do anything about it.
Speechlessness is often the self-preserving hush of the powerless and oppressed.
University academics are cynical about the reasons for this state of affairs, but feel powerless to change it.
The tragedy strengthened the potency of organized labor, which gave voice to previously powerless workers.
Adolescents who bully use their power to control or harm, and those being bullied sometimes feel powerless to defend themselves.
And parents reported to researchers that they felt powerless to control their kids' media consumption.
But that doesn't mean the world is powerless to stop state-sanctioned aggression.
By definition, terrorism succeeds by making us feel powerless.
He had had a stroke, and delivered his paper sitting down, hiding his powerless left hand under his right.

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