powerhouse in a sentence

Example sentences for powerhouse

The unlikely but true story of your next favorite media powerhouse.
Yet if you look at all those powerhouse programs across the country, only seven or eight actually rake in money.
These distributed computing vendors all offer dual services, depending on how much of a processing powerhouse is required.
The country regards itself as an export powerhouse whose goods are prized abroad.
Becoming an advertising powerhouse is certainly attractive.
It might seem a bizarre symbol for a high-tech powerhouse.
The prospect of a commodities powerhouse filled customers with dread.
He is not a powerhouse pianist, and in certain of the work's more ruminative sections, he spun out a sweetly poetic line.
And regulators are paying close attention to the powerhouse these days.
The powerhouse would be a semi-underground concrete structure constructed at the portal entrance to the lower tunnel.
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