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These entrepreneurs often operate outside not only the powerful state-controlled companies, but outside the country's laws.
Yet teens gravitate toward peers for another, more powerful reason: to invest in the future rather than the past.
Belief is powerful medicine, even if the treatment itself is a sham.
Forget the trade unions: the government has made a much more powerful enemy.
Such powerful storms are exactly what scientists predict to become more frequent as the climate changes.
Personal supercomputers may not be as powerful as the mighty mainframes, but they are still leagues above their desktop cousins.
In fight for federal student aid, home-school lobby has powerful friends.
The lectures are interesting, but the big draw is the chance to talk to other powerful people in the corridors.
The powerful sound evokes the deity to visit voodoo mask dances.
Hansen builds a powerful case for global warming based on the geologic record and simple thermodynamics.
We are an order of magnitude more powerful than anyone else.
In addition, flax seed is high in soluble fiber, a powerful cholesterol fighter.
They could also be the inspiration for powerful new medications.
The civic and moral dimensions also are diminished by the powerful market-based orientation to economic and social problems.
It was powerful yet at peace internally and externally.
Two thousand years ago, it was the capital of a powerful trading empire.
The ranch and the mountains form a powerful physical barrier, and also a cultural one.
One remarkable combination that's as powerful as it is easy to use.
It holds an animal whose ancestors swam freely in the sea to rocks that are often battered by powerful waves.
His efforts create a powerful vortex, which sucks his meal of brine shrimp to the surface.
Many companies, it seems, would also prefer computers to get cheaper rather than more powerful.
Adored by some people, detested by others, the aroma is so powerful that a few ripe berries can perfume a room.
Brands are not as powerful as their opponents allege, nor is the public as easily manipulated.
The world economy in the ninth century had two powerful engines.
The animal had large, powerful jaws, which secured the predator a place atop the local food chain.
It owes its influence over the business cycle to its powerful lever over liquidity.
Martial artists have long known that the human body can be a powerful weapon.
One hears the throaty rumble of an old but powerful engine.
And you will be part of something new that is going to have a powerful positive impact on the world in many ways.
Its jaws and teeth were so powerful it may have eaten small dinosaurs as well as fish.
Pheromones thus amplify the limited intelligence of the individual ants into something more powerful.
The response, he recalls, was immediate and powerful.
Solar cells work because visible and ultraviolet light are powerful enough to knock electrons free from atoms.
Many people want to adopt powerful breeds, but they usually don't know what they are getting themselves into.
Everything about him was against his being a powerful speaker.
The law professor turned his artistic talents into a powerful tool for battling overzealous copyright laws.
Powerful flukes can propel a whale for many days without a single stop.
Acolytes of the accused's powerful family bribed and threatened witnesses.
Laptop computers get smaller, lighter and more powerful each year.
After the solitude of graduate research, that's a powerful tonic.
All those events would be powerful enough, but all tend to happen a long way away.
Evolution is an immensely powerful creative process.
The narrative that casts an academic career as a calling is powerful and compelling.
Take a look at the swirling shape of a galaxy or the powerful curl of a ram's horn.
Studying abroad can be a uniquely powerful and personal experience.
Since then the columns have multiplied within the mammalian brain to make more powerful minds.
But with inexpensive sensors and powerful microprocessors now available, biometric technology is certain to become more pervasive.
The sublime of the ocean to me is a really powerful metaphor.
Big powerful donors and private individuals all need to fear their government.
Mental strength is uniquely human and the key to controlling animals that are more physically powerful than us.
There are many wonderful images, but this one invokes so many powerful feelings.
There is a problem with such a powerful pulse, though.
Diversity can be a powerful tool--but it is one that can cut both ways.
The gulls were pecking into living whale flesh with their sharp, powerful beaks.
Powerful searchlights were employed to illuminate the baseball field.
Around her neck, she wears a tiny medallion bearing the picture of her powerful father.
There is nothing so powerful as truth,-and often nothing so strange.
The more you are talked about the less powerful you are.
The humble are in danger when the powerful disagree.
Behind the picturesque and captivating rendezvous lurks a powerful dramatic situation and a moral problem of arresting gravity.
The pathos is all the more powerful for being implied rather than stated.
So the trick will be allocating powerful but finite resources in an efficient and managed way.
Yahoo used such software, but it was not powerful enough.
Bureaucracies have flourished because their efficient and rational division and application of labour is powerful.
The climate of impunity for the rich and powerful is largely gone.
He was widely seen by those around the king to be too powerful, even usurping the prerogatives of the monarch.
The media industry used to be full of powerful families.
But others see his apparent distance from the still-powerful army as a handicap.
Your brain is faster and more powerful than a supercomputer.
Global warming is causing powerful hurricanes to become even more intense, a new study says.
The head helps support powerful jaw muscles that allow the turtles to crush shellfish.
Camels are powerful animals, able to easily carry humans and their wares.
He suspected that someone powerful would be buried here.
Theropods are meat-eating dinosaurs characterized by short forelimbs and powerful hind legs.
Instead, they produce powerful aromas to attract our attention from several inches underground.
Cave bears had wider heads than today's bears, and powerful shoulders and forelimbs.
Brunet knows how powerful traumatic memories can be.
People in departments have alliances with each other that are more powerful than their relationships with students.
But researchers have found the material can be even more powerful when combined with live instruction.
Be aware that writing for corporations rarely begins and ends with crafting powerful prose.
What's worse, my subjects are often powerful people doing bad things.
The absence of excellence in the common understanding of community colleges has a subtle but powerful effect on the sector.
Sounds simple enough, but those costs are oh-so-powerful in administrative decision making.
My thesis is not new, but it seems especially urgent right now, because it flies in the face of two powerful prevailing winds.
Those that survive, however, will be inestimably powerful for explaining the natural world.
The jam is much more powerful than you think, and a little goes a long way.
But traditions are regaining strength, and some powerful cooking is going on at the relatively new chef-owned places in town.
When the wind picks up, and the bells softly tinkle, there is no more powerful monument anywhere.
It is powerful but simplistic, a metaphor rather than a narrative.
The picture moves on a steady, powerful flow of ideas and emotions, and it stirs in us a sense of discovery.
And a powerful thematic undercurrent of his oratory and prose was race.
From there, it became a startling and powerful theatrical spectacle mounted with puppets.
She can make ingenuousness seem noble, by expressing a powerful will to find the best in life.
All had powerful personal motivations to make the initiative work.
These ensure that even riders who encounter powerful turbulence won't be catapulted off the slide.
But our culture is affected by these powerful visual images.
People with severe weight problems sometimes say their cravings for food feel as powerful as those caused by narcotics.
Touch a dolphin and you can feel the density of muscle-a body taut and powerful, consummately athletic.
Smell is a powerful and evocative sense yet also a deeply enigmatic one.
Modern astronomers recognize planetary nebulas as the fossil wreckage of dying stars ripped apart by powerful winds.
He and his colleagues have created a theory that has revealed some simple yet powerful ways to accelerate the flow of information.
Far more than a biological curiosity, suspended animation has the makings of a powerful medical tool.
If so, learning to manipulate it could yield powerful new approaches to treating disease.
Our experiences don't actually rewrite the genes in our brains, it seems, but they can do something almost as powerful.
The firm takes proper pride in its teamwork, its expertise, and its tentacles of alums in powerful positions all over the globe.
The economic and national-security arguments ought to have been powerful enough.
If you were really a member of the global élite, you'd know this already: the world is ruled by a powerful, secretive few.
The powerful electromagnetic pulses can travel into deeply buried bunkers through ventilation shafts, plumbing and antennas.
Powerful people use their bodies to convey authority.
As it is, powerful voices in the church are less convinced of the heroic virtue of his acts in life.
The music was so powerful the ground itself seemed to tremble.
He doesn't know much about it, but the idea has given him a powerful afflatus.
The current plan calls for an initial two or three days of devastating attacks by powerful and extremely accurate weapons.
The twenty-first century will bring us powerful new tools of genetic engineering with which to manipulate our farms and forests.
Chen's group is not the only one working on an approach to build giant, powerful mirrors on the moon.
Tumors can evolve resistance to powerful new cancer drugs.
Imagine computers orders of magnitude more powerful and far cheaper than today's machines.
If it finds favor among coders, it could provide more powerful software for many computers.
New studies have found that video games may become a powerful learning tool for students.
The instruments also require large, powerful magnets, which contribute to their size and expense.
Superficially, it appears healthy: websites have grown more powerful and clever over the past decade.
Lots of powerful technologies have a serious drawback: they generate way too much noise.
With the aid of such a powerful tool, medical treatment could be tailored to a patient's distinct genetic profile.

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