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Powered by propane or a mixture of propane and butane, these devices are not meant to burn weeds.
Electric motors come in corded and battery-powered models.
Powered by an array of photovoltaic panels, the retreat is totally energy independent.
And you get a bird's-eye view from platforms mounted with high-powered scopes.
For larger lawns, however, battery-operated or gas-powered edgers are more efficient.
The first field test of a fleet of electric vehicles powered by fuel cells.
The generator, powered by the compressions, can recharge batteries or power the vehicle's electrical equipment.
Exhibit highlighting objects from everyday life influenced and powered by clockworks.
Our exhibits consist of dozens of powered and horse drawn vehicles displayed by type and era.
But he did have one peculiar appurtenance: around his neck hung high-powered binoculars, painted shiny gold.
We're using solar-powered drip irrigation to irrigate small plots of high-value crops for poor farmers.
Examination under a high-powered microscope revealed a trio of narrow grooves cut into the fragile wax.
Some of the giant car companies are also designing hydrogen-powered cars.
The boys take the first jet-powered office chair for its first run on the open road.
He repairs industrial computers that control high powered lasers, among other things.
So-called solar-powered nudibranchs eat soft corals, which generally have algae living in their tissues.
But gas could play a bigger role: there is a third more gas-powered than coal-fired capacity available.
Instead of using a mechanical compressor running on electricity, thermal coolers are powered with hot water.
The second device to use the system is an electrically powered wheelchair.
Few believe in fusion now, though uranium-powered fission reactors may be coming back into fashion.
Of course electric cars are not an improvement on gasoline powered ones in any practical sense.
And, as in a hybrid electric car with a petrol-powered range extender, there is an internal-combustion option.
Researchers are adding radio-powered sensors, drug-delivering systems and wireless digital displays to contact lenses.
After many false starts, battery-powered cars seem here to stay.
Then there are all-electric cars that don't use any petrol at all, and hydrogen-powered ones, some of them using fuel cells.
Energizer has a new range of solar-powered lights made for the outdoors.
Doing it in a veggie oil-powered truck is really cool.
It was the plot device that powered a preordained procession.
They also have a battery-powered instrument for locating a tap-the point where a house-service line is joined to a main.
He unlocked the door to his workshop, revealing a large rectangular table with a movable microscope and a high-powered lamp.
Al worked the jib-a high-powered camera at the end of a twelve-foot arm.
For the foreseeable future this gives it a unique advantage over every other form of powered transportation.
His campaign has a superabundance of high-powered advisers.
The implants of the future will be powered by the energy sources already inside your body.
But if the idea of whizzing across the heartland in a cow-powered train makes you uneasy, then you're not alone.
Through genetic thievery, it has become a solar-powered animal and a beautifully green one at that.
Coal-fired boilers would have to be replaced with turbines powered by natural gas.
Towns shrank and cities grew as gasoline-powered automobiles vastly expanded the possibilities of personal mobility.
After drying off with your cotton towel, you fire up your battery-powered toothbrush.
He knows everything, urinates in the forest, and can build a wind-powered generator out of found materials.
But half of the country's electric plants were still powered by coal, and power companies balked at the cost of abandoning it.
She had landed another high-powered, well-paying job.
It has developed several prototype devices that are small and light and powered wirelessly.
The sensor is powered externally by a receiver built into a pillow.
Many didn't make it the whole way, so perhaps a tempura-powered car is not so crazy after all.
Only trained and competent operators shall be permitted to operate a powered industrial truck.
Powered industrial trucks often use various attachments in place of traditional forks.
All general industry standards apply to workers performing maintenance on powered industrial trucks.

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