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Example sentences for power station

With nuclear you can cycle the output of the power station.
The basic idea is to marry a high-temperature cooker with a power station that is fueled by natural gas.
Maybe not, you would simply need a big space power station to beam microwaves down on the ocean to heat the surface.
With no clouds and no nighttime, a space-based solar power station could operate continuously.
His thesis, ironically, was on the odds of a catastrophe at a nuclear power station.
Both the deer and the power station are dead and in the city.
Only the shell of the building that houses the power station remained in the battered plain.
The only way to go green is to get rid of fossil fuel altogether, and that includes at our local power station.
For instance a nuclear power station is virtually the same cost to operate at full power as at reduced power.
The cost of power from a power station depends on what fraction of its capacity is used.
Energy is energy, burn fuel in a motor or burn it in a power station.
There is more radioactive discharge from particulate matter from a coal fired power station than from a nuclear by the way.
Controlling emission at one power station is cheaper and cheaper to verify, than at thousands of gasoline driven cars.
The power station needed to be overhauled, the existing turbines repaired, and the third one put in place.
It wants to start building a big new power station later this year.
The government plans a clean-coal power station in the south-east of the province, for example.
Moreover, it is easier to scrub the pollution generated by a single power station than it is by thousands of individual vehicles.
Yet another is against one particular dam or power station.
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