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But that energy you're charging it with could come from a power plant burning natural gas.
Holding a sign and ordering people around won't rebuild the ozone or stop the government from building a new hydro-power plant.
Taking apart a nuclear power plant that has reached the end of its life is a complicated task.
That's because they're either out on the reef, or hanging around the forbidden zone around the nuclear power plant.
Electric vehicles produce zero emissions at the tailpipe, but more often than not there are emissions at the power plant.
If it can't design and maintain a nuclear power plant to withstand a natural disaster, then no nation can.
For example, they suggested sending a floating nuclear power plant to provide power for the operation.
No better measure exists of what a power plant can do, if you cannot put your own gauges on it, than what it has done.
The risk of a nuclear accident on a floating power plant is increased.
The power plant's sulfur-dioxide scrubber produces gypsum as a by-product, which is used by a nearby wallboard manufacturer.
In a conventional solar power plant, the steam drives a turbine to generate electricity.
Finally, yes a lot of the parts and pieces of a nuclear power plant will be radioactive at decommissioning.
We already know it costs more than conventional electricity, whether you own the power plant or purchase its electricity.
The feed-in tariff made building this type of power plant economically viable.
Thus, whatever materials are used in a deuterium-tritium fusion power plant will have to endure serious punishment.
The real problem is transportation between separation site and the power plant.
In this chapter, we'll learn how electricity is generated in a power plant.

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Like nuclear power, genetic engineering is not a neutral technology. It is by its very nature too powerful for our prese... more
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