power base in a sentence

Example sentences for power base

He needs to increase his short area power base in order to do a better job of gaining leverage when taking on the bigger blockers.
Any contender for power will need a capacity to finance his challenge or the ability to take away from his colleagues' power base.
Maximum feasible participation was a way of turning the community action boards into a power base for the poor.
The president may have been trying to show that he has a mind and a power base of his own.
He has no power base of his own to call upon for support.
They are incented to build their power base at the expense of the rest of us.
The unions are already flexing their muscles in order to protect their public-sector power base.
The government is not dismounting democracy, but dismounting the post-communists' power base.
Explain the relationship of power base to the development leader of followers.
In addition, the administrator position power base can be critical for changing teacher behavior.
Another factor which might be considered a power base is the credibility of a source.
The power base is indicated by letters for the strands that apply and asterisks for the strands that do not apply.
There was a rapid change of power base in the project areas and the elders were overthrown twice.
Strange, isn't it, how the powerful get short-circuited from their power base.
The killing of the lucrative tabloid was intended to bury the scandal that threatened this extraordinary power base.
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