power steering in a sentence

Example sentences for power steering

The electric power steering and regenerative-braking system don't provide much feedback, though.
Our only complaint is the power steering is a bit numb.
The electric power steering provides decent feel and feedback, though it is a bit slow.
Already, they've pulled off all parts that would be extraneous at sea, such as the power steering pump.
The electric power steering is nicely weighted in terms effort at the steering wheel rim, but a little vague in fast transitions.
But lightweight electric motors and computerized controls are likely to change the basic design of power steering.
Ensure that the headlights, windows and power steering work properly and note the location and operation of the gas tank.
The vehicle had been recalled to fix a power steering hose defect that could cause a fire.
But carmakers know that if the wheels are too big, they can screw up the power steering or transmission.
Power brakes, power steering, automatic transmission.
Check power steering fluid level once per month simply remove the reservoir dipstick.
Inside a vehicle's electronic power steering system, power electronics control motors and help move the steering rack.
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