powdery in a sentence

Example sentences for powdery

Explain that pollen is made up of tiny, powdery grains.
Warm days and cool nights are ideal conditions for powdery mildew.
The only clue to the mysterious phenom was a white, powdery organism on the muzzles, ears and wings of the dead and dying bats.
Adding white powdery stuff to heroin lets him sell less drug for the same money.
But powdery snow two feet deep made it difficult to string cables back to the building.
Tonight at the end of dinner, he'd kissed her powdery cheek.
During the winter, the snow falls on the surrounding mountains providing a powdery landscape for winter sports.
Plenty of dependable, powdery snow and a variety of terrain and runs that offer something for everyone.
But the air is crystalline, the snow is powdery, and the skiing is fantastic.
Powdery mildews are caused by a variety of fungi, each specific to a host plant.
Powdery mildew rarely kills plants, but is unattractive.
Powdery mildew occurs worldwide in cool, humid, and semiarid areas where cereals are grown.
White, powdery mycelium of the fungus covers the leaves, giving the tree a gray appearance.
Three races of the powdery mildew pathogen are known, and one or more of the races may be present in a given area.
Heavy coating of whitish gray, powdery growth usually on the upper surfaces of the leaves.
Changes in leaf spectral properties induced in barley by cereal powdery mildew.
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