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Do not heat anything in plastic containers neither pour hot meals into them.
Pour the custard mixture into the caramel-coated mold.
Clear cups, with pour spouts, are primarily for liquids.
Pour alcohol-free, water-soluble hair gel in a bowl.
First-year students pour concrete beams and use acoustic technology to scan them for hidden cracks.
Thousands pour into the streets as their city shakes again.
Make a well in the center of the flour mixture and pour the warm water in the center of the well.
Before you pour milk on them, these marshmallows have vaguely key-shaped dents in them.
Another month, another study that seems to pour cold water on the still-fiery podcast phenomenon.
Pour the hot syrup over baked pudding until it is completely absorbed.
Grab some nibbles, pour yourself a drink, and sit down.
More discoveries and more findings come, pour from the sky.
Scoop up some water with a cup or bucket and pour it slowly over the cloth into the funnel.
When the endless beauty which lives deep within is able to pour out from ones' soul that is truly art.
Next you pour everything into a strainer and squeeze the rest of the milk from the butter.
Pour yogurt mixture over salmon-vegetable mixture and stir until well-combined.
Hollow out potato pile to create a bowl, pour in peas, and top with hot gravy.
When they boil, pour then into the canner and then refill and heat some more.
Pour oil into a large frying pan and heat over medium heat.
It wants to monetize the data gleaned from all the information that users pour into it.
Once cool, but still liquid, pour over second layer and chill in refrigerator.
The money would pour in and they could do all the research and design and development they wanted.
It was kinda fun to pour my water, take a sip, and watch everyone wait for me to get sick.
The mixture is ready at a moment's notice to pour into sauces, soups, and pilafs.
There is no need to be obsequious or to pour on false compliments.
Pour a small amount onto a cotton ball or pad to dampen it, and apply the toner to your entire face.
It is as clean as the water you pour down the hole to produce the steam that hits the turbines that generates the electricity.
Employees pour in and say hello to each other as they swipe their employee cards.
Otherwise, carry bottles separately and pour over ice at the picnic.
Pour into bowls, top with steamed clams and parsley.
Pour in white wine or chicken broth to come halfway up leeks.
If the water level is too high, carefully pour off some of the water.
If not, pour it out in the compost pile, and open another bottle.
Pour tomatoes into pan, then quickly turn with tongs so all are cut-side down.
Never pour any chemicals down the drain, and try to use natural, biodegradable products.
In the case of older wines, one should not wait to pour the wine after decanting, but instead serve it immediately.
Mix a batch of concrete that is wet enough to pour easily.
Pour the powdered chalk into a clean mixing container.
Drain the potatoes and pour them, piping hot, into a bowl.
Pour flower preservative into a water-filled tub, stir, then drop in the foam ring.
Add the strawberries to the oranges and pour the basil syrup over the fruit.
Some come with airtight lids, metal bails, reinforced plastic rims or pour spouts to transfer liquids.
If you wouldn't drink it, don't pour it in the stew.
Pour everything into a punch bowl, mix until sugar dissolves, and serve over ice.
Gulp it, pour it over yourself, surrender sense to it.
When cool enough to handle, open bags and pour eggs onto plates.
Pour water over the garden to disperse it or apply a little to your compost pile to add needed moisture for decomposition.
Layer with the sliced onion, thyme, and garlic cloves and pour the olive oil over all.
Pour over hot coconut gravy and serve with a dollop of pounded chili mixed with a pinch of salt.
Pour onto the serving plate and sprinkle with peanuts.
If you have a serious infestation, spray or pour vinegar on the affected area, then let it set without rinsing.
Sulfur and chlorine gases pour out of these vents all the time.
Artisans solder a metal framework into which they pour vibrant powdered enamel.
Pour a mixture of equal parts white distilled vinegar and hot water into a spray bottle of your choosing.
Pour in coffee until you don't see the coin anymore.
Think of it as a filling station that's easy to handle and pour from.
Many lifts and cabs have televisions that pour out a constant stream of commercials.
There has to be some serious reason to pull up stakes and pour all this effort down the drain.
Measure and pour two cups of beans into the crock pot.
His only hands-on job is to pour the liquid tincture that gives the works their colour.
Please, everybody, pour as much money as possible into more research.
Pour the hot water from the double boiler into the cooler.
Normally, when you pour a liquid into a pool of another liquid, the stream plunges right in.
She believes that antique abodes can never be rehabilitated, no matter how much money you pour into renovations.
Colander into which to pour your curds and whey for draining.
Kudos to them for continuing to pour in the effort to bring us all another cinematic delight.
It used to be standard procedure for customs officials to pour the stuff down the drain.
Our task: to pour those curds into cheesecloth-lined colanders and let them drain.
Spoon the miso dressing into bowls, top with soba, and pour in broth.
Anchor the frame by bolting or pour concrete piles beforehand as you would for any fence.
Next, he'd pour a few hundred thousand tons of molten iron into the crack, along with a robotic probe.
Have a student pour water again so that students can watch the flow.
Pour a river into light-swallowing limestone tunnels and it becomes terrifying.
Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, and then shake well.
Soon the sky darkened and rain began to pour down on us.
It took about an hour to measure the wax and oils, melt everything together, and pour the wax.
It is a scene of silent desolation-until, that is, tourists in hats and visors pour out of shiny buses.
Now imagine a bartender robot that could waggle its eyebrows sympathetically as you pour out the story of your messy divorce.
They pour the water into troughs for the thirsty cows, sheep and goats and then fill the containers.
But counterinsurgency isn't a static mold into which the military can pour any war and wait for it to set.
The site will continue to evolve as thoughts such as these pour in.
In short, a great swath of diamonds lies along the coast, and millions of dollars a year pour into the efforts to retrieve them.
Make a well in the middle of the sifted flour, pour in the milk-oil mixture, and sprinkle the raisins on top.
Remove from heat immediately and pour the custard into four ramekins or small terra-cotta dishes.
In a bar, for instance, he watched bartenders use a counterintuitive underhanded maneuver to grab and pour from a bottle.
Turn into coffee-pot, pour on boiling water, and stir thoroughly.
Pour over oysters cold water, allowing one-half cup water to each quart oysters.
Every day more angry investors thronged to one of several blogs dedicated to the scandal to pour out their rage and hatred.
They pour concrete, roll out concertina wire, build infrastructure.
She rose, eager to pour out everything she had learned.
That's an astounding claim and one that many physicists will want to pour over before popping any champagne corks.
Pour mixture through a fine sieve into a large bowl, gently pressing on solids, and discard solids.
Make a well in the center and pour in the date mixture.
Pour wine over roast and briskly simmer until reduced by half.
Put chicken in a bowl and pour reserved marinade over it.
Pour oil around side of wok, then tilt wok to swirl oil, coating sides.
Put pork belly in a large sealable bag, then pour in brine.
Pour the cream over the chocolate, mashing any big pieces with a wooden spoon.
Pour purée through a sieve into a bowl, pressing on solids with back of a spoon.
Carefully pour hot caramel mixture onto parchment and carefully cover with another sheet.
Pour egg mixture into well, then knead into potatoes.
Remove and discard chicken, then pour broth through a fine-mesh sieve into a large bowl.
Now remove it immediately from the heat, pour it into a cold bowl, and stir it briskly a few times to dissipate some of the heat.
While steak rests, pour off oil from skillet, leaving garlic and herbs in skillet.
Pour juices from roasting pan through a fine-mesh sieve into a small heavy saucepan.
There is talk of a hedge-fund bubble, as billions of dollars pour into these funds even while their performance slumps.
While some copyright owners have simply given up, others continue pour money, effort and time into endeavouring to enforce rights.
When panic reigns, investors pour into dollars and dollar securities.
The drug companies wouldn't pour a billion dollars into creating a drug without patent protection.
Add the chopped sweet potato and apple and pour over the stock.
The foundry crew don fireproof suits to pour the molten silicon bronze into the molds.
Pour the mixture into a small sauce pan over medium heat.
On the evening of the festival, celebrants pour out into the streets to watch a beautiful procession of colored lanterns.
For a dry bird, pour leftover broth or stock over the meat so the meat can rehydrate.
More information should pour in throughout the afternoon and evening.
Real technicians don't pour caulk into knife wounds to make a cast of the weapon.
And because the air pressure drops as you pour, the resulting espresso is a bit thin and bitter.
Automobiles pour from car parks as residents of the high-rises ringing the city center empty into the streets.
Pour a thick-walled foundation, and build a wood house on top of it.
The notes pour out of him, as if they had a mind of their own.
After you've removed your meat from the pan, pour out any excess fat.
Slowly pour in grits while stirring with a flat-sided wooden spoon.
The attention and accolades don't pour in quite so regularly these days.
Or they pour their leisure time into collecting and fussing over objects.
Pour boiling water over lavender buds and let it steep, then use the cooled water to make delicately flavored lavender lemonade.
They're buzzing as they pour into the auditorium, but the star they're seeking doesn't exactly get recognized on the streets.
Tell you which wine is at its peak and ready to pour.
Pour it into a spray bottle, it remains effective for two days, then the mixture must be renewed.
Strain the mixture and pour over the brioche, mixing well.
Firms need to show healthy returns to convince shell-shocked investors to pour cash into new funds.
Pour through a fine mesh sieve to collect the caviar.
That's right: they pour vodka into their eyes in order to get drunk.
Buy a cup of coffee that you pour yourself and it's tax free.

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