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My fingers are crossed that there will actually be pounds upon pounds of delicious spuds inside those lush towers.
Some nests-those of bald eagles come to mind-can weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds and are used for decades.
Through his thirty-five pounds of skin and bone there ran a tremor of fear, and he struggled forward to tie a broken thread.
Put into a preserving kettle, add five pounds rhubarb, skinned and cut in one-half inch pieces.
Trust not the flatterer: in the days of sunshine he will give three pounds of butter, and in thy need deny thee a crust of bread.
Instead of a hundred pounds, he surprised them by putting down his name for three thousand pounds.
Trim off fat and skin from three pounds of beef cut from centre of fillet and flatten with a broad-bladed cleaver.
There is an honorable gentleman near me who pays more than four thousand pounds a year for the rent of his manufactory.
Emissions are measured in pounds of emissions per megawatt hour of energy produced.
She never could gain more than a few pounds while pregnant.
It is on its way to making hundreds of millions of pounds in box office receipts.
Not getting enough shut-eye could be interfering with your ability to shed unwanted pounds.
Given the field's checkered past, however, major questions remain about the risks of pills that pare away the pounds.
Many of the contestants are facing some of the common barriers to shedding energy pounds.
But as the pounds drip away, the mile marker doesn't look quite so distant.
Easy sleep is a distant memory now that she must contend with tens of pounds of extra girth.
Medals connected to a popular athlete or a piece of sporting history can sell for tens of thousands of pounds.
Suppose, furthermore, that you are increasingly susceptible to heart disease and you have to get the pounds off.
For all the billions of pounds and litres of sweat expended, progress-good at first-has been patchy overall.
It will also supervise the system, dishing out billions of pounds.
Fretting about pounds put on over the long holiday break.
Hundreds of millions of pounds could be saved if government departments arranged their travel centrally.
Millions of dollars, pounds and euros change hands every night at poker tables around the world and on dozens of poker websites.
In a dispute worth several hundred million pounds, that may well make sense.
Nearly three million ounces of gold were harvested here, along with eight billion pounds of copper.
And if you're turning twenty pounds of vegetables into mirepoix, a good chef's knife is actually probably more efficient.
He said that when he became a dairyman, a good milking cow gave maybe thirty-five pounds of milk a day.
Five hundred pounds, a great mound of lion muscle, napping.
Today a memory disc drive storing that amount of information weighs a few pounds and can be bought for about a thousand dollars.
With every additional degree of superheat, the blimp becomes twenty-five pounds lighter.
Those first jackets were heavy-fifteen or sixteen pounds.
She had a streak of gray in her hair and twenty-five extra pounds.
In danger of freezing, they abandon hundreds of pounds of the meat, and run stumbling up the hill toward town.
Twenty-one inches was my length, eight pounds five ounces my weight.
Reeve weighs two hundred and seventeen pounds and is six feet four, and even in his motorized wheelchair he looks imposing.
In a week, a productive hive can add seventy pounds of honey to its stores.
The frogs are packed in kegs, the minimum order five pounds.
Seven-plus pounds of pork shoulder is both majestic and humble.
When injected, the three patients were each carrying more than two pounds of tumor.
The latest fitness fad has an unusual goal: bulking up the three pounds of mush between your ears.
Given how highly motivated she was, it wasn't long before she shed the unwanted pounds.
Scientists have discovered two pounds of a dried plant that turned out to be the oldest marijuana in the world.
When burned it releases three pounds of sulfur dioxide and four pounds of nitrogen oxide for every megawatt-hour of operation.
It's thousands of pounds per square inch coming up the hole.
Windmills each require hundreds of pounds of neodymium.
Even if you eliminated hundreds of pounds of that weight: wouldn't make much difference.
It keeps me in check-bench-pressing three hundred pounds will always be bench-pressing three hundred pounds.
In fact, the rom people warn you that you may gain a few pounds in the first few months of use.
Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness.
Month three of boot camp has begun, but the pounds stubbornly refuse to budge.

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