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To be a wall with a damper a stream of pounding way and nearly enough choice makes a steady midnight.
My brain kept pounding out thoughts as if its life depended on it.
The body meat needs no pounding if sliced crosswise into thin slices.
Sorry but you are pounding on the wrong door with this article.
With all that pounding over so many years, all the machismo is gone.
Meteorites have been pounding the moon for centuries.
And it's the kind of poetic truth best conveyed late in the evening after six or eight drinks while pounding the bar.
The pounding outrigger and hull beat up a froth that attracts the tuna, bringing them right up under the stern.
Yes, the overflowing ashtrays and the pounding of ancient upright typewriters.
All the pounding in this sprawling suburban kitchen allowed for minimal talk but much introspection.
Downstairs is a lounge with low couches, low lighting, and a dj who keeps music pounding throughout the restaurant.
His scalp was covered with bumps and cuts, and he had a pounding headache.
It wasn't only his head that was pounding, but his heart.
He went home, his head pounding, and stayed in bed for the next four days.
Furthermore, the pounding can shrink the grains only so far.
In automobiles especially, the magnetic bearings in a flywheel system would have to withstand a lot of pounding.
But getting a well-crafted goal in the waning minutes of extra time to crown a champion is a rare and heart-pounding treat.
The pounding of my heart had been replaced by the pounding of my head.
Soon he was pounding the lectern with his right fist, and shouting out his words.
About four minutes into the presentation, he said something that made my pounding heart sink to my burning stomach.
On the other hand, my heart was pounding for hours after the quake.
She scurried away, but my heart was pounding an hour later.
But at the first location, waves are pounding the sides of the boat.
Your eyes can hardly follow the shuttles as they fly back and forth, accompanied by the pounding of an army of needles.
The anti-infringement drumbeat is pounding ever more loudly.
The high points where land and sea meet provide dramatic vistas of craggy shorelines and pounding oceans.
We rode through the storm of metal, hearts pounding in our chests.
We're forced to swing into the pounding waterfall, an awkward maneuver that slams us both into the rock.
But now rain is pounding down, obscuring the monster storm bearing down on his two-story farmhouse.
Space rocks rained onto the planet, pounding its surface.
Still, heart-pounding brushes with monster catfish and other critters do happen.
The city's cacophony faded, replaced by the sounds of waves pounding the rocks below and the chirps of tanagers and other birds.
Huge waves were pounding the cliffs and then washing back out to sea.
Under a spreading paulownia tree the village smithy stands, pounding red-hot iron.
Woodpeckers' skulls are specially adapted to withstand the pounding they take when searching for food inside trees.
Within minutes the clouds lowered, lightning lit the ridges above us, and a pounding rain replaced drizzle.
The continual pounding of the waves can cause the top of the arch to fall, leaving nothing but rock columns.
We awoke to the daily pounding of aircraft landing on the deck, seemingly directly above our heads.
My heart was pounding when they got into that line at the airport.
He found a boiler room full of athletic-looking graduates pounding the phones.
While pounding the rebels in the hillside with rockets, they brought in a bulldozer to clear the first barricade.
Tracks that can take this pounding are significant works of engineering.
Trouble seems to come in waves, pounding industry after industry, each time for a different reason.
Now those manufacturers are taking a different sort of pounding: a dramatic falling-away of orders.
He does not, in my opinion, deserve the rhetorical pounding he receives.
Heart pounding or racing can occur, with or without hot flashes.
Panic attacks that include only one or two symptoms, such as dizziness and heart pounding, are known as limited-symptom attacks.
He will call from the school nurse's office, head pounding, light stabbing at his eyes.
The wet comes from the pounding waves and the frequent rains that keep this temperate rain forest healthy.
They are actually a bit freaky physically, born with the kind of biomechanics that can take repeated pounding.
Politicians and government officials deserve the pounding they are getting for failure to take action sooner.
Prying and pulling apart components and pulling nails create less dust and fewer paint chips than pounding out components.
It was used mostly for pounding and cutting tools such as hammers and axes.
Here wildlife find food, a place to rest, and protection from winds and pounding surf.
The user goes into delirium, with a pounding heart, erratic thoughts and heavy sweating.

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