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Flu viruses that rain into this sea of poultry in wild-bird droppings can spread and swap genes with abandon.
Given the size of the poultry business worldwide, a pandemic among birds would be bad enough news.
Many meat and poultry products probably carry drug-resistant bacteria before cooking.
Poultry burgers have a reputation for being dry and bland.
Nowadays, sugar is mixed with corn syrup to make the fluffy guts of these puffy poultry.
The poultry will be delivered in one to three hours.
The virus is believed capable of surviving for years in deep-frozen poultry but can be killed by cooking the meat thoroughly.
To do this, the service asks that day-old poultry be shipped early in the week.
The water splashing off of poultry can toss bacteria around your entire food preparation area.
Poultry droppings are another possibility if you have straw or sawdust to mix with it.
The resulting glut caused poultry prices to drop by two-thirds.
They have threatened to release live poultry on to the streets.
Most human cases have occurred from direct or close contact with infected poultry or contaminated surfaces.
It must inspect meat and poultry on behalf of the public as well as promote consumption of meat and poultry to the public.
It is fatal to birds and can be transmitted to humans through close contact with birds, for example, on poultry farms.
Meat, fish, poultry and dairy are good protein sources.
We do know that domestic turkeys prefer to be in poultry houses where the lighting includes the ultraviolet wavelength.
Most deaths have been linked to human handling of infected poultry.
Mink, weasel and birds of prey can be more damaging to poultry flocks left outdoors as well.
Access to pasture is a requirement for certified-organic poultry products, including eggs.
In many developed countries, poultry production has become a major agricultural industry.
Not only do you have celery salt but you have poultry seasoning.
There she picked up a brochure on what is known as exhibition poultry.
It defines a serving as only two to three ounces of cooked meat, fish or poultry.
With poultry shears, cut the backbones of the squabs.
It had to import much of its water and food, producing little else beyond pigs and poultry and fruits and vegetables.
Thus in every form the offals of the barn and stables will maintain a certain number of poultry.
It's important to remember that this poultry-based virus is not easily transmitted to humans.
The study found that when poultry and beef are produced without these antibiotics, bacterial resistance quickly declines.
For ethical poultry, a few expensive birds in the back yard isn't the answer.
There they could have game and poultry, but little else.
The impact of this is being felt first in animal feed, particularly poultry and pork.
Wheat and corn are used interchangeably as feed for cows and poultry.
Use chicken broth or meat stock instead of water if serving with roast or grilled meats or poultry.
Cut oranges into segments and serve as an accompaniment to red meats and poultry.
With pigs and poultry, they form a critical part of our enormous biological footprint upon this planet.
Meat or poultry may come into contact with the normal bacteria from the intestines of an animal being processed.
The heart of these guidelines is the description of various solutions that have been implemented by poultry processors.

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