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On the other hand the settled folk had their textiles and their pottery and made many desirable things.
The clay is dried and strengthened by adding finely pulverized pottery shards before pots are shaped, painted and fired.
Humans could turn its ash into a benefit, such as fertilizer or additives to strengthen pottery clay.
My sister, who could have been a surgeon, chose instead to make pottery in a little hippie arts colony.
Its excellence in fine ceramics harks back to its expertise in pottery.
Shards of pottery of an undetermined age litter what might have been a kiln area.
The island also has abundant shopping, with chic designer boutiques and small shops selling traditional pottery and crafts.
Pottery and tools of copper and stone were standardized.
The scientists also examined pottery found in the same mound as the tablet.
Place apples in an eight-inch-by-eight-inch baking pan, or a pottery flat-bottomed bowl.
Shop fronts display pottery, jade carvings, and other chinoiserie.
The word eventually transformed to porcelain to describe fine pottery.
The thousands of pottery warriors stand inside three vaults.
Pueblo potters still use traditional methods to make pottery.
Most recently, he has entered in to the field of pottery.
She was internationally known for her superbly thrown pottery vessels.

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We didn't come to dig in Egypt for medals. Much more is learned from studying bits of broken pottery than f... more
[T]hose wholemeal breads ... look hand-thrown, like studio pottery, and are fine if you have all your teeth... more
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