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Example sentences for potion

The potion he mistakenly believes will do the trick is rhino horn, and he is prepared to pay good money for that.
Locate the value-added potion of your business here, and you will be unaffected by the export quota.
Almost every body part is used to make some kind of potion.
Submit your secret potion and vote on other remedies after the jump.
When a magic potion is served round, it is done in a yuppie bar.
Some promoters are already treating it as the next magic potion for fighting obesity.
And guests at the ball are served oranges laced with an amnesia-causing potion.
But there's no magic potion to banish the film's awkwardness or make it more than a string of intermittent acting highlights.
The tragedy here is that a magic potion has unleashed something best left repressed.
The more he thinks of it, however, the less he is inclined to drink the potion.
The sweet alcoholic potion revived their spirits, and the chewy hardtack gave sustenance.
No potion can alchemize this tattered fabric into a ripping yarn.
He is also under the influence of the sleeping potion.
The best chance for leading a long and healthy life comes not from any pill or potion but from pursuing a wholesome lifestyle.
Counseling isn't a magic potion that turns a marriage back into the fairy tale it once was.
The second potion of the study will use the fact that students are more likely to attend a school close to where they live.
However, limitation of the area will likely render this potion infeasible.
Additionally, your model must have a few stray eyebrows that can be removed during the tweezing potion of the exam.
Opium is also used by some people as a sleeping potion.

Famous quotes containing the word potion

Saint, saintliness is a long way off. It is like a tall and beautiful palm tree. If you climb it, you drink the love more
It's actually the spirit helping the spirit; it is the doctor, the bed, the potion.... more
I honor your art, because you contrived it, but it only helps those who think the way you do. You may give a sick man yo... more
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