potential energy in a sentence

Example sentences for potential energy

As he tips forward, potential energy converts to kinetic energy, and he swings his left foot ahead to complete the stride.
At this point the team had fully charged batteries and maximum potential energy to descend slowly through the night.
There is little doubt that there is tremendous potential energy present prior to the actual earthquake event.
As the gases collect, they lose potential energy, which results in an increase in temperature.
Try a steep hill to experience the potential energy required for the climb.
Money is also a store of potential energy that can be released when needed, with the purchase of goods, energy and labour.
Potential energy is stored energy--energy ready to go.
Define a computation that computes the per-atom potential energy for each atom in a group.
See the compute pe command if you want the potential energy of the entire system.
Most of the energy under our control is in the form of potential energy.
Potential energy can be viewed as motion waiting to happen.
The potential energy of the crystalline arrangement was lower than the potential energy of the random, relaxed arrangement.
Probably the easiest way to think about enthalpy is as potential energy.
At that point the configuration will hopefully be in local potential energy minimum.
At the top of the track, the car has potential energy.
As the car rolls down the first steep slope, some of the potential energy changes into kinetic energy.
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