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Also, your argument postulates that new ways of things will be worse while providing no proof.
He postulates that there is almost unlimited potential in the energy contained in the zero-point field.
In particular, it postulates an elaborate reversal mechanism to get some gears to turn in the right direction.
They both offer postulates: one faith-based and the other evidence-based.
Any views on origins and purpose are mere postulates awaiting refutation based on developments in knowledge.
Math is a system of postulates and axioms based on a logical relationship that is then quantified.
Theory is limited by its postulates and boundary conditions.
Theory cannot be a shortcut because this tests theory's founding postulates.
He postulates, however, that something inherent in our physiology may have enabled this pattern of poetry to take shape.
So along come the punctuated equilibrium postulates which deepen the mire because you completely depart from long term evolvement.
He also postulates that gravity increased suddenly at the close of the age of dinosaurs but not to the present value.
Science postulates that dark matter accounts for a universe that continues to expand at an accelerated rate.
It postulates that the speed of light is the same within every inertial frame of reference.
Address the postulates and conclusions, they are all labeled, address them.

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