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Connivers can postpone foreclosure for years by using the delays built into clogged court systems.
He said more unemployed law-school graduates were also seeking to postpone repayment of their loans.
In many cases the helpers postpone their own opportunity to mate.
Canceled projects and technological challenges postpone harnessing the power of waves and tides.
His only consolation was that he had helped postpone it till now.
But there's another political monster we've tried to postpone that's fed up with our recalcitrance.
But that doesn't mean you should not try to postpone them.
The purpose is to delay or even postpone your loved one from going to a nursing home.
The receiver refused, offering to postpone the sale instead, but the farmers insisted that they go ahead.
Or that companies could postpone making profits indefinitely.
But he has not agreed to postpone an election until after the committee has ruled.
On the other hand, if they expect to live and work longer, they may feel they can postpone saving for retirement until later.
The opposition worries about electronic fraud-or a system collapse that would postpone the referendum.
Where possible, companies will continue to postpone investment decisions-and that includes hiring new workers.
He stopped short of proposing to rescind or postpone the tax cuts.
Businesses postpone capital spending and hiring until the clouds clear.
Until it does, he believes, the corporation will have to postpone its plans to list shares on domestic exchanges.
Subsidies would anyway merely postpone the inevitable.
So farmers postpone the purchase, believing they will make it later.
They'll pay to postpone the hour of final reckoning.
State and private pensions should encourage workers to postpone retirement.
There are other good reasons to try to postpone any reckoning.
Drugs that tweaked it could well postpone cancer, diabetes and other diseases of old age.
His report was sent to authorities asking to postpone the execution.
The reality is we've seen that some animals can indefinitely postpone decay in the natural environment.
They're having to postpone other projects because of it.
Lots of people are drawn in enough by that fear that they are willing to postpone a decision.
Postpone or unsubscribe from listservs if you are unable to check your email for an extended period.
Editors cannot, professionally, often postpone a weekly piece.
Greenspan could not postpone a stock-exchange crash indefinitely.
If the world economy takes a turn for the worse, some airlines will no doubt seek to cancel or postpone orders.
The head of the agency that handles applications suggests that many school leavers postpone university altogether.
The obvious response is to postpone, gradually, retirement.
But it will only postpone the day of reckoning and make the crash more painful.
Agreements and contracts should be handled carefully and if anything is not to your liking, postpone.
If you want your hearing delayed to a later date, you may ask us to postpone your hearing.
If you have a gain, you may have to pay tax on it, or you may be able to postpone reporting the gain.
If you are sick or disabled, you may postpone your service or request an excuse.
If you have a gain, you may have to pay tax on it, or you may be able to postpone the gain.
The judge, at his or her discretion, can postpone the hearing if either party requests a postponement for that purpose.
If you go back to school, you can obtain a deferment so you can temporarily postpone payments.

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