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Glad to see the poster qualify the usual references to infinitely large.
Stick to the top of the big pumpkin with a small ball of clay polymer or poster putty.
The park presents poster views to the west and south.
He also made a poster out of it and asked all the guys to write kind words on it.
The poster who said it's in human nature to consume and consume may not be right.
In an earlier post, the poster above stated that mental illness could not be measurable.
My point is that the poster applies two different standards.
Another poster stated that a theory can be proven wrong.
Each poster has a caption, and upon close examination, our logo and name are visible at the bottom of each poster.
Maybe the poster used hyperbole to get the point across, but in my field, it takes about a year from proposal to defense.
Duke professors took out an ad in a local newspaper in support of the pot bangers and poster wielders.
Grading on a curve reflects relative performance, perhaps along a normal distribution, as a previous poster explained.
By the way, please hesitate before labeling me as a member of the five-cent army or a government-sponsored poster.
Emily, who works in artist management, is having serious poster trouble.
Speaking of a revolt, which one poster already accurately stated is not going to happen, begs the question of unification.
Make a poster telling campers about what you learned.
The bizarre-looking platypus has become the poster animal for evolutionary science.
As a poster said above, in all places you will meet all types.
The poster simultaneously conveys the new art and suggests a new cultural life style.
As a previous poster said, you can't make money off free energy.
The poster you replied to made a pretty good argument, there is no need for you to defend the article.
Generating buzz with a big name on a poster comes with drawbacks.
They were the poster family for everything you're supposed to do, but they were never substantially ahead of anyone else.
They distributed copies of a poster with photographs.
His aesthetic is clean and instantly readable-broad social cartooning rendered with the graphic bang of an indie concert poster.
Stark and chilling, it abstains from the strategies that traditionally anchor the didactic poster.
Then he went through the steps he'd learned from the poster at the clinic.
If you've ever lost your camera somewhere, you can probably appreciate the sentiments expressed on this poster.
You're still thinking about it much too one-dimensionally, as is the poster of this article.
The poster must be displayed in a conspicuous place where employees can view it.
Employers are subject to a citation and possible fine if this poster is not displayed.

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They'll bust you in the lobby. You look like a training poster for the narc squad.... more
What were habitually his final meditations? Of some one sole unique advertisement to cause passers to stop in wonder, a ... more
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